Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Stamping: 70s Inspired...

It is time for yet another fun Sunday Stamping challenge in Adventures in Stamping. I'll let you take a while guess at what the theme this week is. That's right! The 70s. Although I wasn't even born until a decade later, I have seen enough photos of the 70s fashion (and a good helping of That 70s Show) to take a wild stab at the challenge...

I started this manicure by creating a needle drag tie dye pattern. There are photos of what it looked like before the stamping are further down in the post. The marble was made with the new OPI Neon Revolution minis, which I will show swatches of soon. Compared to creating the base of the manicure, the stamping was simple. Using Essence stampy white, I stamped peace signs from Bundle Monster plate BM07 and smiley faces from BM-304....

I was determined that my 70s nails were to have some sort of tie dye pattern. This gave me the perfect opportunity to try a needle drag manicure for the first time. I have seen many tutorials which make it look really easy and I was convinced it would be so. I'm just going to say that I was quite mistaken. I redid each nail multiple times before I was happy with the design. The whole thing took much longer than expected and don't even ask me to show you my right hand. It is a complete disaster...

After applying a white base, the four OPI Neon Revolution lacquers used for the marble are: Don't Say It - Yellow It!, The Time is Pow!, Pink Outside the Box and Blue it Out of Proportion...

With a little black light, the neons look amazing. The blue shines a brilliant white, the yellow turns a fascinating murky green and the pink and orange are what one might expect a bright neon pink and orange to be...

When I try needle marble again, I'm pretty sure it will be in the form of decals to save myself some frustration.

If you have mastered this marble technique, I bow down to you and if you have any tips at successful needle marble, I would really love to hear them!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. So beautiful!! I have never heard about the needle drag method but it looks very interesting!

  2. Oh my god! So many levels of awesomeness

  3. Wow! This is sooo cool! And so creative!

  4. Thank you very much ladies! I'm glad you like it. The needle drag is something I need to work on so I won't be so frustrated next time :)


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