Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! In case you were wondering, here is what my Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar manicure turned into. I taped it off and added white tips using Wet and Wild French White Cream plus a top coat. Then taped it off again and added the blue tips using La Colors blue plus a final top coat. I originally wanted to stamp some stars onto it as well, but turns out I don't have any star stamps... :D

Also, don't know if this has happened to anyone, but the red bled into the white and turned it pink. Mind you this is bleeding from a day old manicure that had a top coat and everything. Strange!

So here is my red, white pink, and blue manicure...

I'm calling these Pepsi Nails as they remind me of a Pepsi can right now... :)

Thanks for looking & Happy 4th of July!!!
Anutka :)


  1. Sometimes it seems those topcoats just melt the layers together. I have one topcoat that has a killer shine but does too much "melting" so I don't use it for nail art only for single colors. Maybe if the topcoat is applied in the same direction as the line the "pink" could be avoided? Hmm.. Anyway your mani is very nice and has amazingly crisp lines!

  2. Lol at the pepsi can :) Very pretty mani! So neat x

  3. Yup! My reds keep bleeding into my whites. I just try to minimize it by going over the white after topcoat then using another layer of topcoat.

  4. Thanks girls :)

    @DesertNails, I will have to try it with another top coat. I didn't even think it could be the one to blame.

    @Poetic Realist, I had a top coat over the red and wore it that way for >12 hours before applying the white and I do have a top coat over the white as well... which is why I was so surprised that it still bled :(


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