Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ulta Peach Parfait... holo-fied...

Following a reader's lovely advice that less may actually be more when it comes to the SpectraFlair (SF) Topcoat, I decided to test the theory. Last time I tried the topcoat, I shook the heck out of it in an attempt to re-dispense all of the powder that had settled out. In the end I ended up with an amazing holo effect, but not much of the original color showing through. This time I started out by shaking the bottle slightly and applying to my index finger, then shaking some more and applying to middle finger, etc... right over the Peach Parfait I was already wearing...

It is clear that the more SF powder that gets suspended, the more opaque the topcoat becomes, but also the stronger the holographic effect. I think my happy holo medium is the way it turned out on the ring finger. Now if only I could remember exactly how much to shake to get to that effect... :D

Outside, in the sunshine...

In the shade. Without the holo effect, it is easier to see just how much the topcoat can cover up the base color. The pinkie finger is all gray/silver, barely any of the peach color left!

Thanks for the tip to use less and as always thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. It also depends on how much was added to the top coat to begin with - you can always shake it up really good and then decant it into another bottle of clear polish. That's what I ended up doing when I decided I'd added too much to my liking - so now I have TWO bottles of holo topcoat!

  2. Thanks ladies! :D

    @OnceButten, Thanks for the suggestion. Someone else also mentioned diluting it. I might have to try it... two bottles of holo is even better than one :D


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