Friday, July 26, 2013

Pueen Love Elements Stamping Plates Review

Today I would like to show you the second set of stamping plates by Pueen. In case you missed it, you can check out my review of the first set here. As I mentioned yesterday, I received a few plates from this set for review and after falling in love with their quality, I purchased the full set for my growing stamping plate collection...

This is the Love Elements set...

This set also comes packaged in a small storage case. The case is made of a sturdy fake leather like material. There is an individual pocket for each plate in the set and the pockets swivel out for easy plate selection. The pockets are a bit flimsy for my taste if using them on a regular basis, but I think it will make an ideal travel case. For storage, I have my eye set on the larger Pueen organizer. Although I still have room in my similar Bundle Monster organizer, it just makes sense to put Pueen plates in a Pueen organizer, right?

Each plates comes with a protective blue cover which needs to be removed prior to stamping. The back of the plate is covered with a vinyl material that prevents the edges from being razor sharp. In addition it features the Pueen logo and company website ( The plates are sturdy, don't easily bend and are overall very good quality...

The Love Elements collection includes 24 plates which feature 96 full nail designs and 48 smaller images. Why this set contains 24 plates while the first one had 25 is a mystery to me. All of the images that I have tried so far have stamped extremely well. I have not had any problems with them thus far. Although I was initially more drawn to the first set for what seemed to be more delicate and detailed designs, I have been rather impressed with the selection of images in this set. There are lots of beautiful designs to choose from...

These are scans of my actual plates. Click to zoom in for a full size view...

One major improvement over the first set is that the full images do not contain that pesky curve which cuts into the design. Not only was the curve eliminated, but the images are also 1 mm longer and wider making their overall size 14x18 mm compared with 13x15 mm of the first set. That is a big difference and scores huge points in my book. Way to go Pueen! With the curve eliminated, I officially have nothing negative to say about these plates. Love them...

A few manicures that I've made with these plates so far...
(click on photo for original post...)

This set of 24 plates can be purchased for $18.99 and is available on both the Pueen website and

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I really need to order these, if only for the owl on plate 40!

  2. O my God! This organazer ismy dream!! Amazing!! I want it! 18,99 for this set is like a present..very cheap..i by one plate for 3,33

  3. They are so pretty!! I already checked this item Amazon, but it seems that they can't ship them to my country :(

  4. @mem22, that owl is definitely adorable! I need to check if I have a dupe of that plate for you :D

    @Olechka, That is what I love about sets! They make the plates so affordable and are still great quality. Hopefully you will be able to get your hands on this set...

    @Aly MaiSenzaSmalto, Take a look at the Pueen website, I think they ship world wide. Not sure of the cost though...

  5. Thanks Anutka!!
    I found them also on (and .fr and .de, it seems that just our doesn't list them)...
    Buying them directly from Pueen or though Amazon (plates + shipping) would cost almost the same (30USD), but from a EU retailer at least there will be no risk of custom fees :)

  6. Great review! These are really pretty designs and I like that most of them are full nail patterns and not just little elements. I had to add these to my Amazon wishlist. So many cool nail art tools to try, so little time! :)

  7. @Andrea, there is never enough time! LOL! These have so many fun images and I'm excited that they made them bigger :)

  8. I am waiting for this collection of plates right now.. After reading your post, I can't wait for them anymore :D :D I hope they will arrive soon.


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