Friday, May 24, 2013

NCLA Jazzi Nail Wraps...

Yesterday I showed you the NCLA Stephanie's Galaxy nail wraps and today I would like to show you one more set of NCLA nail wraps. This is the fun Jazzi set which reminds me of a gorgeous sunset. In fact looking at them now, I kind of wish I had stamped a palm tree to go along with the sunset...

These are packaged exactly the same as the set that I showed you yesterday. The package includes two sheets of 22 nail wraps in various sizes, a nail file and instructions. There are enough wraps for at least two full manicures, but I ended up with enough wraps left over on the first sheet to do another full manicure, if I cut/stretched some of the wraps. Certainly lots left over if you just want to do accent nails. The included nail file is a bit rough for my preference, so I used one of my own finer files. For full application instructions plus a video take a look at the NCLA website.

My super flat nails work really well for nail wraps as I don't even have to stretch any of them to fit. They are, however, thin and stretchy so should easily contour to curved nails as well. I really love the color, pattern and gradient of these strips. It is not something that I can easily achieve by another nail art technique...

I'm still bothered by the white edge left over at the tip of the nail after filing, however, I found that it was less noticeable and distracting in this linear type pattern...

Now here comes the ugly part... These nail strips are not nail polish based, so they are not removed with acetone. The package states to simply peel them off, but I would highly recommend against that. After peeling off some layers of my nail along with the strips, I resorted to gently pushing the wraps off the nail using another nail. This method seemed to work much better without leaving a trail of destruction. I then used acetone to remove the remaining glue residue...

You can see the damage to one of my nails below. The peachy color on the nail strip are the stained layers of my nail which were pulled off. I freaked out upon seeing this, then pouted and puffed... and buffed the nails to smooth out the damage. I then treated them to a generous coat of Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein in the hopes that it would do as advertised and rebuild the protein which I lost...

These strips are great if you are in a hurry, want something for a special event or just for fun. They stick well as evident by their refusal to come off. On one hand it is pro because you want them to stick well, but this pro turns into a con when it is time to remove them. So just beware of the removal and avoid pulling these strips off. Use your other nail or cuticle pusher to gently push them off instead...

These nail wraps were provided to me for review by Nail Polish Canada. They stock a full selection of NCLA Nail Wraps, so be sure to check out all the other fun and beautiful patterns!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Product was provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
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  1. gorgeous! they look so natural :)

  2. I was going to say I might try these as they're the best, neatest looking wraps I've seen, but then I saw what they did to your nails, yikes!! I'll be avoiding them like the plague now :( xx

  3. I reviewed these as well! I couldn't tell from your post, but the back of the package does suggest applying a base coat first. I did this on all my nails but one. The one I didn't do it to had damage like yours! The others peeled off with no problems. :)

  4. Oops! I mean, I couldn't tell from your post if you had applied the base coat or not. :)

  5. They look fantastic! But the damage to your nails are not good! Hope it'll recover soon :(

  6. I used nail wraps once with basecoat, and my nails were fine afterwards (i did a first attempt on one bare nail and got scared about peeling off layers, the glue was very strong); also, have you tried warming the wraps with an hairdryer when you are pulling them off? It makes the glue softer, so it is easier to remove them. Looking forward to more of your posts x

  7. by the way, the basecoat came off with the wrap

  8. That's a real bummer about the damage. I used my CND Sticky base coat underneath and didn't have any damage. Most of the base coat peeled off with the wrap and it left just a little residue that I cleaned off with acetone.

  9. Gah, it hurts just looking at the damage the wraps did to your nails.. shame, really, as the design is really awesome!

  10. Thanks for all the comments and concerns. The wraps are so beautiful that despite the damage I do think I'll use them again. I have enough left for three more manicures.

    I did use a basecoat before applying the wraps, as the package suggested. I will have to try a different base next time and see if it works better. The base came off along with the wraps.

    I avoided damage on the rest of my nails by pushing the wraps off with another nail rather than pulling at them. @Alessandra, I did not try warming them up, but that sounds like a great idea!! I'll have to try that next time.

    PS. I buffed most of the damage out and they look OK now. On the plus side, I've also buffed most of the stains out. I'm hoping they are not too fragile as the damage begins to grow toward the tip...

  11. I used a thick coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth under mine.

  12. @craftynail, I will definitely try a different base coat! These nail wraps are too pretty to give up on. Thank you for the tip :)

  13. I was looking through the pictures thinking "pretty" and I got to the last one and I thought "ahhhhhhhhh!!!" As you know I feel your pain. Acetone is for sure the way to go when removing these.

  14. @Kas, I'm definitely sticking to acetone next time!!


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