Friday, May 31, 2013

Color Secrets Chettah Girl...

In addition to the two lacquers which I showed you yesterday, I received a package of Color Secrets nail appliques for review. Unlike other nail wraps that I have tried, these are clear allowing you to create whatever background you wish underneath. I chose to go with an orange to purple gradient from the two Color Secrets shades...

The gradient is Color Secrets The King and I at the base of the nail and it transitions to Color Secrets My Fair Lady toward the tips. The gradient looked much smoother and gradual in real life. I'm not quite sure why it shows such a sharp change in the photos. I really like the way these colors go together...

The nail appliques that I used are Chettah Girl. As I already mentioned they are clear wraps with a cheetah pattern. Although I love the idea of these, I was a bit disappointed in the wraps. They are rather thick and don't contour well to the nail. While most of my nails are flat and the appliques worked well, my index finger has a slight curve and these were rather inflexible to even the slightest curve. They are made of a rubbery material and don't stretch very much. Also I recommend cutting these down to size rather than filing at the tips since filing left a rather unattractive torn edge....

The package comes with 18 nail appliques and a nail file. The back of the package contains simple instruction for use. Just pick the right size, apply to the nail and smooth out. Then using a downward motion file off the excess at the tips. The directions suggest using downward motion only to avoid fraying of the wrap, however, this didn't completely eliminate the fraying for me....

The package states that there is enough for at least two sets of nails from one sheet, if you cut off the excess and keep it for another time. I beg to disagree with that statement as I had just a few millimeters left from each wrap. Hardly worth saving and certainly not enough for a second full manicure. For my pinkie nail I had to use the fourth smallest wrap, leaving behind three wraps that are too small for me to use at all....

Overall, I love the idea of clear wraps and if these were not so thick, these would be great to achieve a great cheetah pattern with minimal effort...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. Love how those are clear! They look great over your gradient.

  2. Great manicure! You can really see how ragged your tips look. Such a shame.

  3. they're great over that gradient :)

  4. Beautiful idea to use these clear wraps over a gradient manicure! :-)

  5. I'm TOTALLY digging your orange and purple gradient! Whoa. I so want to recreate that. :)

  6. Thank you so much ladies! I'm glad you like the idea of these clear strips as much as I do. I wish they were a bit thinner and then they would be sheer perfection :D


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