Thursday, November 17, 2011

Color Club Repackaged...

Do you recall all the Cosmetic Arts polishes I showed in my 2 month haul post? One of the polishes I got was this beautiful flakie which I have also seen on a few other blogs identified as Color Club's Covered in Diamonds from the Untamed Luxury Fall 2010 collection.  Cosmetic Arts is owned by the same parent company as Color Club so it is most likely the same polish just in a different bottle. I don't own the glitter half of that collection so I was excited to get my hands on this, but it made me wonder if any of the other Cosmetic Arts were just repackaged Color Club polishes...

Then I noticed that they most certainly are...

Here are some of the "dupes" that I got...

From the Foiled collection (left to right): Cold Metal, Lumin-icecent, Hot Like Lava, Foil Me Once

Back to Boho (l-r): Nomadic in Nude, New Bohemian, Shabby Drab, Red-Ical Gypsy

Back to Boho (l-r): Artsy Crafty, Blue-Topia, Rebel Spirit

Alter Ego (l-r): Get a Clue, Give Me a Hint, Secret Rendezvous

Untamed Luxury (l-r): Pretty in Platinum, Positively Posh, Soft as Cashmere

I'm certain that some of the other colors I got are also dupes, but I don't have their Color Club counterparts to be 100% sure. I will however be heading back to the store to return these Cosmetic Arts without even opening them. Once I return them, does that mean I can buy more nail polish? :D

I'm really curious to know what colors are actually Cosmetic Arts originals... it is really hard to tell from their promo photos... anyone have a clue?

Thanks for Looking!


  1. I had not noticed this! I'm glad I havent bought any of the Cosmetic Arts lately.. & YES when you return them it means you can buy MORE!!! Its hard to tell on whats original colors on Cosmetic Arts... same as you I cant tell from the promo pics

  2. I would certainly return those too-that is crazy-they should tell you these things!! And yes you can buy more polish!!

  3. Art Club, Cosmetic Arts & Color Club are part of the same company - Forsythe. So I guess they reuse colors between their different polish lines?

  4. @Polish AMOR, I'm pretty sure they do have some original colors, I was just surprised at how many of them were repackaged. If you do buy any just compare to the CC that you have...

    @Fingers, I agree, they should. They should at least have a name or number on them...

    @Kelly, I thought so too. It was a shock to me!

    @lizzie, I knew they were the same parent company, but I never expected them to just repackage colors. I kind of think of it as Coty owns both Sally Hansen and now OPI, but you don't often see OPI polishes in a Sally Hansen bottle and vise versa... and same with L'Oreal that now owns Essie... oh well! Lesson learned :)

  5. Офигеть! А ты не сильно расстраиваешься, когда столько клонов обнаруживается? Я давно уже поняла, что все друг у друга тащат идеи, и это печально

  6. Bilo nemnogo obidno, no ne sovsem neozhidano potomucho Color Club i Cosmetic Arts pod odnoi glavnoi kompanie. Poetomu ne sovsem rastroilas i ya sobiraus' zdat' vse Cosmetic Arts kloni obratno v magazin... nu i zaodno mozhet chtonibud' novoe naidu :)


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