Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Born Pretty Store Gel-off Clips Review

Hi Everyone! Today I have a review of Born Pretty Store Gel-off clips to share with you. I was so excited to try these clips because I love glitter, but hate messing with the foil removal method. Since I often add glitter later on to my manicure, I don't always think ahead to use of the peel-off base coat and end up having to remove glitter the hard way. These Gel-off clips seemed like the perfect solution for removing glitter and teased me with the promise of "no need for foils" right on the package.

The package comes with five clips. Except for the thumb clip which was too large for me, the rest of the clips fit well. They are held together by a small black rubber band which is a bit flimsy, but usable. I wish that they would have provide a bit more pressure since these felt loose...

Using these couldn't be easier. Just soak a cotton or felt square in nail polish remover. Cover the nail with the soaked material and place the clip over it. Then let it all sit that way for a few minutes before removing the clip and wiping off the polish.

Although I was worried about them not providing enough pressure, that didn't seem to affect the outcome. After a few minutes, the glitter easily wiped off the nail. No more rubbing...

Now here is the ugly side of these clips. They are NOT acetone resistant and that just baffles me. After a few seconds of contact, the acetone started to melt the plastic of these clips. I could smell a very chemical odor which is what I assume was the smell of melted plastic. After I opened the clip and removed my nail, I had to rip the felt out of the clip leaving behind lots of fibers, a bumpy surface inside the clip and an awful smell....

You can see on this piece of felt a pink area of the right side. That pink spot is actually melted plastic... so sad...

Normally I love Born Pretty Store products for my nail art, but I was really disappointed with the quality of these clips. Although they worked as promised for removing the glitter, this is the first BPS product that I would not recommend for purchasing. I just don't understand how clips which are meant to hold acetone soaked material in place are not acetone resistant. I also wonder if the outcome would be different with non-acetone remover, but I don't have any to test it out...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. Thats so sad about the melting plastic! :( I really like the idea of these and they look really easy to do. I wonder if it would work better if you put a layer of tinfoil over the cotton and then the clip... I guess that would kind of be more work then anything though. Maybe now that they know they can fix the problem and make them even better? Thanks for th review though lady! :)

  2. i was about to be really excited! i've used the rubber thimble cups before but they end up squeezing all the liquid out of my cotton balls and i hate using foil. it's too bad these aren't acetone resistant because they seem to be otherwise exactly what i've been wishing for! maybe someone else will make some one day *sigh*.

  3. Melting plastic... so strange... It's a pitty because you got good results.. :-/

  4. the same thing happened to girls in Poland, it's pitty cause clips looked like something spot on for glitter :(

  5. great post! I've seen these floating around and was wondering how they would fair against Acetone. Looks like Acetone 1 : 0 Rubber Clips. Perhaps if they were made of metal or an acetone friendly material (that didn't cost too much) then every one's a winner. The concept of the clip is great! it's a shame the plastic is letting this wonderful concept design down. Thanks for the post again!

  6. I'm curious about non acetone as well. Since I'm a glutton for punishment I ordered some so I can check it out.

  7. That is so bizarre that they would make them in a material that wasn't acetone resistant! Other than that, these sounded perfect.

  8. What a shame! Such a great idea, but poorly executed. :(

  9. Wow, that's crazy that they melted because I ordered a set of these from eBay about 1.5 years ago (came in a set of 10 and they're all the same size) and they work just fine with 100% acetone! I absolutely LOVE mine and use them all the time.
    This is the link to the ones I bought, from the seller I bought them from (http://bit.ly/17MSdXd). The description does say that there are 2 different sizes so I don't know if these are a different set than the ones that I received.

  10. too bad, this seemed like a good idea :/

  11. @Kristine, yeah, if you are putting foil over it, might as well not use the clips. I hope they improve these because the concept is so great!

    @Kellie, that is how I felt too! So excited to try them out and so disappointed they didn't hold up to acetone :(

    @Ariel, it is so strange!

    @Raggio di Luna, I agree, the results were good, but the product needs improvement. Can't they make it out of the same plastic acetone comes in??

    @Chilli, it would have been perfect! I hope they make some improvements as the concept is great!

    @Karen, Yes! I keep wondering why they couldn't make it out of the same plastic acetone comes in... that doesn't melt :/

    @CarolAnn, let me know how it works out! I'm really curious!!

    @Mimi, how could they not test them with acetone I'm not sure... and I only had them on for a few min for glitter. I'm assuming it would only get worse with the 10-15 min for gels...

    @Angelica, agreed! I hope they improve the product...

    @Stacy, really!?!?! Wow! Maybe these are just a poor imitation of ones that actually work! I'm kind of nervous to buy the ebay ones though... $20 and if they don't work that would suck!

    @nail crazy, I know! So sad :(

  12. I reviewed these just a few days ago, and I totally agree.. The idea is great, but they have to work on the quality..

  13. I just went back and checked and when I purchased mine it was free shipping ($10 is CRAZY!!)! I would be a bit nervous about the "new" eBay ones though because like I said, mine are all one size and they don't have the little flowery imprint on them.

  14. Wow, a shame it didn't work with acetone because it seems like a good idea. I hope someone will try it with non-acetone remover and reply back.

  15. @Yasinisi, it is so sad! I hope they improve the quality because I would be using these all the time!!

    @Stacy, yes, that is what threw me off too! More for shipping than the product and no guarantee they are any different :(

    @fleurissante, it is such a shame! I hope someone will as well! I might have to get some non-acetone remover and try it myself...


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