Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wild Birds...

I recently had the pleasure of doing an impromptu nail polish swap with the lovely Mari of A few of the El Corazon Eggs of Wild Birds polishes were on my lemming/wish list and I had mentioned this to her. They are not readily available in her area so I didn't expect her to ever find them, but she happened to come across them and snatched them up for me. A huge thanks to Mari for squashing one of my big lemmings. If you have not visited Mari's her blog yet, you are missing out on gorgeous swatches and nail art, so go check her out!

For today's manicure, I thought these pretty little birds would feel right at home on a polish inspired by bird eggs...

To create this manicure, I started out with the base of El Corazon N423/95. I then stamped the birdcages using Messy Mansion plate MM14 and Essence Stamp Me! Black stampy polish. To complete the look I added bird decals which I made a day ahead using the same MM14 plate, Stamp Me! Black and acrylic paint....

I just love how soft and delicate this manicure turned out. I had envisioned these two pretty birds escaping their cages and flying to be together. You can't cage love...

Messy Mansion plates have incredible detail in every image and they pick up and stamp so well! Please pardon the tear in my stamper, it is my favorite one despite the tear. I've tried buying many other stampers and have not found one that works as well, so I use this torn one that is long overdue for retirement...

El Corazon N423/95 is a milky lilac base with black hex and micro glitter. It is part of the Eggs of Wild Birds collection. The application is good, although I did have to chase a few of the hex glitters around to keep them from following the brush right off the nail. It is fully opaque in three coats. The only thing that I'm sad about is that it contains formaldehyde which I personally try to avoid. I hadn't realized that until sitting down to write this post and trying to read the teeny print on the back of the bottle. I am so bummed because I absolutely love this color!...

Swatch Details
Brand: El Corazon
Collection: Eggs of Wild Birds
Color Name/Number: N423/95
Number of coats: 3
Top Coat: Yes

Contains Formaldehyde; Free from Camphor, Toluene, DBP

I'd love to know what you think of this mani!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Gorgeous polish and manicure!!! :D

  2. I love everything about this!
    I ordered this stamping plate (along with another you showed in another post) and I can't for them to get here.

  3. oh yeah, her blog is awesome!!
    really like your mani!!

  4. Gorgeous manicure! El Corazon N423/95 is beautiful! :-)

  5. Oh i love this! I dont own any El Corazon polishes yet. and I love what you did with the stamping!

  6. wow, I love the idea of love and freedom behind the design! the birds look amazing <3

  7. I absolutely loooove this design! It's so perfect <3

  8. I've already said that this is an absolutely amazing mani, but I will say it again. You are the queen of stamping! LOL!

    If I may ask, which stamper do you use? (BTW, I don't see a tear in the stamper, but then again, I don't know what I'm looking for, lol). I'm pretty convinced that it's my stamper that causes me all the problems....and not user error...wishful thinking! : )

  9. Thank you soo much everyone! I love the idea of the birds fleeing their cages and I'm glad you do as well! The El Corazon is indeed a beauty :)

    @Angie, I use an XL stamper I got a looong time ago. I have bought many many since then and can't find one that works as well! So it is quite possible that it is a stamper issue for you! We should try to get together some time and play around with stamping :)


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