Friday, August 9, 2013

Gone Hexy...

I'm not sure what it is that compels me to incorporate studs into stamping, but I've attempted to do it again. While I have already shown you some of the round studs from the Winstonia nail stud wheel, today I would like to show you the larger hex pieces which I have been eyeing since I first got these studs. Of course I paired them with a matching hex stamping pattern...

For this manicure I started out with a base of Zoya Louise from the new Fall collection. It is a beautiful rich chocolate cream shade. I stamped the hex pattern from Winstonia plate W113 using my favorite new stamping gold, Maybelline Bold Gold. I then placed a couple of gold hex nail studs over the filled in areas of the pattern. Although I usually don't like to top coat over studs, since these are larger pieces that I wanted to lock in place, I did apply a top coat over the whole manicure...

These hex studs are 4.5mm in diameter (between two points). The set contains both gold and silver hex studs in addition to lots of other fun shapes such as teardrops, hearts, squares, triangles and more...

I wish the stamping gold and the gold of the studs was the same shade so it would be even further incorporated, but maybe that's just crazy talk...

Here is the photo of what the Winstonia nail wheel, Design #3 looks like. It comes with a fun mix of different shaped metal rhinestones...

If you are interested in purchasing these, Winstonia was kind enough to create a discount code for me to share with you. You can use the code WACKYLAKI for 10% off. The code applies only to the following items: tweezersstuds set design 2studs set design 3 and is valid until August 31st, 2013.

I liked this mani a lot more in person than I do in photos, but that's just how it goes sometimes.
In any case, what do you think... can I pull of the larger studs? I generally tend shy away from them :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


  1. This is perfect!
    For some reason I need some to eat something with honey now, haha.

  2. Reminds me of .hack, love it :)

  3. I love this mani! And those big studs look like they lay pretty flat on your nail.

  4. Preciosas..!! tienes un gusto excelente.

  5. Thank you so so much ladies! I considered adding a little bumble bee to it. It does remind me of honey too :)


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