Monday, September 10, 2012

Mission Organization: The Plates

So who else is stoked about the new Bundle Monster plate organizer? To say that I've had organization issues is putting it mildly. It is a wonder that I have only lost one plate so far (poor little BM-210). I have tried business card holders and baseball card holders, but got fed up with the plates not fitting right and falling out. I ended up keeping them in a little tupperware box, but the plates were not easily accessible. I was so excited to see that Bundle Monster came out with an organizer that fits the plates and holds them in place. I ordered mine last week when it was finally in stock and got it in the mail yesterday. So pretty...

This awesome organizer measures just 6 x 9 inches and can hold 168 plates. It has 14 pages with six slots each and each slot can hold two plates. Access to each slot is from the front of the page only...

The pages are bound in place and there is no option for adding extra pages...

Here is what my unorganized stack of plates used to look like. In here I had all three of the Bundle Monster sets, the second Mash set, Shany, Red Angel, Salon Express, and ebay plates. Really quite impossible to get out and not very inspiring to stamp...

Each plate now has a home and is tucked away safe and sound. Unfortunately the ebay plates are octagonal so they are just slightly too big for the Bundle Monster organizer. I will have to figure out how to store those, but the rest fit perfectly...

My organizer is now nearly full with just 14 spots left at the end. It feels heavy and solid. I absolutely love it!

This was just the first step in my massive organization undertaking. I will try to show you my progress as it happens...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I got mine last week and love it too!

  2. I definitely want this! It might get thrown into my cart when I buy the BM plates!

  3. I got mine this weekend and I love it!! I ordered two and I'll probably have to order another one already!! :)

  4. wh..wha...what is this!! why have I never seen this before??! I want one!! It looks great!

  5. Ahh! This is beautiful! Mind if I ask how much it was?

  6. @Saima, Isn't it just so perfect for the plates! :)

    @Elizabeth, if you have a nice collection of plates, this is definitely worth getting!

    @tina, they seem to multiply for me. I can't resist new sets :)

    @Gosia, wow! I'm not there yet. Just one filled up, but definitely will need a second one if I get any more sets :)

    @Karen, I'm sure you will be seeing it more. It just recently became available :)

    @Alma Bunny, I'm glad you like it. It is $14.99 and available here:
    I got mine on sale last week for $12.74. Keep an eye out for promo codes, they do them pretty regularly :)

    @Yasinisi, I'm sure you will love it! :)

  7. That looks really neat! Almost makes me wish I had more plates, so I needed to get one aswell. ;D

  8. I did it backwards, I loved the organizer so much I decided to but it on sale last week and therefore had to buy plates to go in it! Hoping maybe it is big enough to slide in the large DRK plates? Can't wait for it to arrive.

  9. I'm so glad someone finally came out with this!!!! I have been in desperate need of them!

  10. That looks great ! Although I do wish they had a binder sort of set-up so that you could add the plastic sleeves as you build your collection.

  11. @Chaosophia, LOL, you are too funny. If your plate are anything like mine, they have a tendency to want to multiply :)

    @Thejewellsparkle, That works also! Let me know if it works for the DRK plates. I don't have any to try :)

    @Geniewtdbh, You and me both! So glad to finally have this :)

    @VTodd, it would be nice to add as well. I agree. I wonder if it just wouldn't be as sturdy :/


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