Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Argyle

At some point I will catch up with all the tutorial requests from the last few weeks months, but for now I'm starting with the argyle tutorial. You can see the original manicure here. I apologize in advance for my shaky lines, but I think it still does the job of showing how to make it :)

Let me know what you think of this style of tutorial... all images in one block...

- Base polish (Barielle Cashmere or Loose Me)
- Acrylic paint in white and green
- Polish (or acrylic paint) in orange (used here Essie Braziliant)
- Top coat.
- Optional: Essie Pure Pearlfection for shimmer.

1. Apply desired number of base color coats. Shown here 2 coats of Barielle Cashmere or Loose Me.
2. Using white acrylic paint, draw diagonal line from the base of the nail to one side
3. Draw a second diagonal line parallel to the first as shown above
4. Add two more lines perpendicular to the first two, creating a diamond shape
5. Using white acrylic paint fill in the diamond and triangles at each corner
6. When the acrylic paint is dry, apply a coat of Essie Braziliant over the white paint
7. Add a second coat of Essie Braziliant if needed
8. Using green acrylic paint (or nail polish) create an X across the nail
9. Add remaining green lines to complete the argyle pattern as shown above
10. Go over everything with a top coat and enjoy!
- Optional: You can add a shimmer such as Essie Pure Pearlfection prior to top coat if desired. See my original manicure for photos with and without the shimmer. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know what you think of it!
As always, if you give this a try, send me a link... I would love it see it :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Great tutorial! I need to give this a try.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, this is such an awesome look!

  3. Awesome! Must definitely give this a go! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  4. So amazing. I love it. Thx for sharing :)

  5. I love it! Thank you for the tutorial.

  6. Awesome! I'm going to try it with pastels :)

  7. Great tutorial! I have to try this to, because it look amazing!

  8. Thank you for this tutorial!!
    I am definitely going to give it a try!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial!... this looks amazing!

  10. I love how you did the tutorial, looks perfect!!

  11. Thank you so much everyone! I'm so glad this was useful :)
    I would love too see if you try it!


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