Friday, April 13, 2012

Really Annoyed...

I am at a loss of words as I try to write this. I came across a blog about the Kardashians that literally copy and pasted my Kardashian Kolors review as one of their posts. The same day that I posted it! At first I was only slightly baffled thinking it was an innocent blog trying to share news related to the Kardashians and I would simply ask them to remove my content. Here is the catch though... there is no contact information on this blog, nor is there a comments section on their "post."

Then something else struck me as strange... clicking on any photo or link on their site take you to, which  is an ad service and is equivalent to putting an ad on every single link on a blog! So not only did they copy my material, but they are trying to make money off people clicking on the photos within that post...

Take a look...
My original post here
Their copy here
Be careful clicking on any of the links within that blog unless you want to make them some money...

They publish ~50 posts per day, I'm sure all copy and pasted from around the web.
I have found more than 10 other nail polish related posts from various blogger, but I'm sure I didn't find them all. I will email who I can shortly to let them know...

I have filed a copyright infringement with Blogger and hope they will be able to do something about it.
If you find that your copyrights have been violated by someone on blogger, you can file a complaint here.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your support! Blogger did remove the the offending posts that complaints were filed for. The page however is still up and running...

Thanks for looking!


  1. What absolute twats!! It is so frickin' frustrating that people like them think it's grand to just take what they want and make money out of other people's images and their hard work.

  2. OMG, that really pisses me off when I see that kind of stuff. Hope Blogger does something about it because it's really not right at all.

  3. How strange...they even copied where you wrote your name at the end.

  4. That was a complete copy and paste thievery job. I hope that Blogger shuts down that "blog" immediately.

    I wonder if this is actually run by that pack of broads or if it is someone using their name and images? Whatever the case, it is completely unethical and an egregious violation of copyright. I hate stuff like this. Why can't people just go get their own content?

  5. What a jerk! I'm glad you caught this and I hope they get shut down ASAP!

  6. WOW! the nerve of some people... It's so good that you caught this and are informing other bloggers, that person/people needs to be shut down!

  7. Good for you for filing a complaint. Hope it works. That is infuriating that they plagerized your entire post. Bold creeps.

  8. Wow. That's so not cool. :/

  9. This is so upsetting! I'm sorry it happened to you....Hope they get what they deserve!

  10. They have actually stolen your entire post. They haven't even made subtle changes!! I would be furious!x

  11. This is crazy, they make it look as though you write for their website or contribute your content!

    I hope blogger helps and gets this sorted out since there doesn't seem any other way to do it!

  12. Ok I agree this is the most annoying thing! Really!
    And I very much hope that Blogger will take this dude off.

    BUT - I think you really don't need to waste your energy on it.After all - that asshole did leave your copyright notice and link to your site on the pics and your name at the bottom... So he was being very stupid. And I heard a really clever sentence once: Being mad is punish yourself for other people's stupidity ;-)

    All you have to do is stay cool and hope that if this dude does make money out of your stuff - it will be used to pay for his meds.

  13. Aw... I'm so sorry dear!
    It is so unfortunate that people help themselves to others hard work. Nail blogging isn't all so easy and it is both time consuming and requires skill for great swatches like yours.
    They kept your watermark (so that is in part comforting), but how AWFUL :(

  14. I hate that this happened to you.
    Hopefully, Blogger will shut them right down soon.

  15. I'm really sorry that happened to you! I had the same problem once with a different blog who just put in copied posts from me, and there was no way to contact them. Luckily that has stopped now, and I hope that it'll work out for you, too!

  16. UGH that is so annoying! I had someone steal my nail picture off of pinterest. They uploaded it as their own picture. I was so furious! So I yelled at them (through the comments) and they deleted it. It's even worse that this person wants to make money off of your work :(

  17. Thank you for all the support. It frustrates me when people do something like this. I'm sorry to hear it has happened to others as well :(

    I think it wouldn't annoy me as much if it was a regular blogger that I could in some way contact. What makes me mad is that they obviously don't care for people to contact them. They are just going around the web and reposting all things Kardashian. They hoping to make money off of people searching for "Kardashian" and then hitting any of the photos/links...

    I have not heard back from blogger yet, but other blogger have filed reports with them as well. Not sure how long it takes to process, but I'm hoping they'll do something about this copyright violation.

    The way I found it was by searching for Wacky Laki in Google and since they kept the blog name in the title it came up in the search...


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