Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love in Bloom...

Today's manicure was inspired by Day 15 prompt of 'Love' in the MoYou 30 day challenge. Although I haven't had time to take part in many of the challenges, this one seemed a perfect fit for the Polished by KPT beauty 'Love in Bloom' that I was playing around with a little bit ago. I took the polish name quite literaly and surrounded the couple in love with blooms...

All the stamping is from the MoYou London Mother Nature collection plate 01. For the flowers/dragonflies I used the purple Kaledoscope Mirror Polish No f-14 and Pure Ice First Time for the grass. The couple I stamped using KleanColor Black. I had to shrink the couple quite a bit so that they would fit on my nail and since there is no perfect way to do it, they are a bit distorted...

Warm state of the floral shows off all the beautiful flowers, butterflies and dragonflies...

Transition state looks like a pink sunset... perfect time to propose, right?

Cold state...

Ok, now my little soap box! I love MoYou plates, I really do. They are great quality and have wonderful and unique designs, but sometimes their proportions are all wrong and that drives me nuts. This couple is the prime example of that. Although they fit perfectly well into the design of the plate to make it look pretty, I think it is safe to say majority of the people don't have nails long or large enough to make this work. For that reason I'm now very weary of buying more MoYou full image plates. I don't want to end up with pretty plates that are only good for framing and not for using...

To shrink this couple, I used the stamper pinch technique. I haven't had time to make a tutorial, but there are ones available on YouTube if you search for how to shrink/enlarge stamping images. Basically, you need a very squishy stamper for this. Take the stamper out of the holder, put your fingers around it (in place of the holder) and squish to stretch the stamping surface (if that makes any sense). Pick up the image with the stretched surface and then release your stretch to allow the stamper to return to original shape. What you should see is a smaller version of what you picked up. Of course how well it shrinks will depend on how well or evenly you stretch, etc. As you see, my image is slightly distorted. The girl's neck/head is doing some strange ET thing and her boobs got ummm... perky. LOL. A small price to pay for fitting them both on one nail. All in all, I was pretty happy to shrink the image down to about 1/4th the size. Still looks like a couple in love, right?... Now if only my topcoat didn't bubble...

Collage for the thermal anyone?...

What do you think of this manicure?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. Looks beautiful! I love the stamping over the thermal polish. I'm definitely going to have to pick up some of the KPT polishes you've been featuring!

    I also totally agree with your comments about the MoYou full image plates. I love MoYou and have lots of their stuff, but I've found myself moving away from the full image plates lately because I can never quite figure out how to really use the elements in them that I like best. The pinch technique is an interesting idea, though!

  2. It looks beautiful!

  3. Wow, you've done a great job shrinking the image. If you didn't do side-by-side comparison, I wouldn't have noticed! I have this plate but haven't used this couple image for the same reason. I agree with you - would be nice to have images that you can simply stamp away and comes out beautifully without any fuss!

  4. Yes! I have the same problem with that plate!! I might try shrinking it too, but it's annoying. In future I think I'll stick with the 'normal' image plates, those are the ones I end up using most anyway

  5. Lovely as always dear! And yes I agree except the thing is I really love the MoYou London plates. To me it's worth the hassle because they are so unique but as you said I wish they did a better job of proportions with these full scene plates. I would love to get so many more of the images fully onto my nails and that never quite happens because they are so freaking large. A good example of this is the Birth of Venus plate from the Artist collection. Everything is so huge it was hard for me to create the mani that I wanted and that's even with my nails which are quite a bit longer than yours :( Oh well hopefully MoYou will start to work this out a little better in the future. You did a great job and yes gave her quite the breast lift lololol

  6. Great tip! I need to try it at some point :) And lovely mani!


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