Monday, November 4, 2013

OMG Nail Strips - Blue Bubbles

Hi Everyone! Today I would like to show you some pretty OMG Nail Strips in a pattern called Blue Bubbles. I tried their Viper strips before and loved them so I was very excited to try another pattern. This bubble pattern is so adorable, makes me wish it was summer outside and I could go blow some bubbles...

In the package, the strips are exposed to air so unlike a lot of nail polish strips, these do not dry out. They are made out of real nail polish and easily remove with acetone. I just love that they don't dry out when exposed to air as so many other strips do. I can easily keep the leftovers for a later accent. The strips are quite stretchy and easy to apply. They don't tear easily and can be gently peeled back to re-position or eliminate bubbles...

Each package of OMG Nail Strips comes with 14 nail strips in various sizes. They are single ended, meaning that only one of the ends is rounded to fit the cuticle curve. The other end would have to be cut to fit if you wanted to use it. They apply similarly to other nail polish strips. Full directions are included on the back of the package. Unlike other strips though, these are finished with a top coat which seems to melt them slightly for a really smooth finish...

Rather than filing off at the tips as the instructions suggest, I melted them off with a q-tip and acetone to avoid the stark filed look. You can see how I do this here. The only mistake I made when applying these strips is that on a few nails I used strips that were too large and instead of cutting them to the correct size first, I decided I would just clean up with acetone. This created a bit of a mess as the polish melted, but a sticky glue residue was left behind to drive me crazy. I would definitely recommend cutting them first if you need to use strips which are too large for your nails...

What do you think of these?

You get more info on OMG Nail Strips on:
Website | Facebook | Instagram: @omgnailstrips

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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