Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Incoco Halloween 2013 Collection: Fright Night

I would like to show you the new Incoco Halloween collection, Fright Night, which will be released today! This collection includes four designs that are perfect for Halloween. Two are rich glittery orange shades and two are fun glow in the dark appliques. I decided to show one of each style today and the remaining two I will show you another day...

Incoco After Dark
A gorgeous black to orange glitter gradient. The glitter base of these makes them a bit thicker than other polish strips, but they are still very stretchy and pliable. For full application instruction visit my previous Incoco polish strips review or the Incoco website. Rather than file off the excess at the tips, I used a q-tip and gently melted it off the excess as I showed in my previous post. This helps me get a nice wrapped look to the tips which is not quite as cut and sharp looking as what I get with filing...

This makes me think of flames...

The strips come in a package with 16 double ended nail strips to fit any nail size. They are made of real nail polish and start to dry out upon contact with air so they need to be used right after opening...

Incoco Bone Rattling
A fun glow-in-the-dark skull design. I'm wearing this right now and they are so cute that I truly don't want to take them off. Maybe they will last until Halloween? These were also a bit thicker than other nail strips that I have tried, but they were still stretchy and pliable, easy to apply and smooth out...

They glow really bright in the dark. I couldn't stop staring...

Each package contains 16 double ended nail strips to fit any nail size. There is enough here for a full manicure plus some to spare. I put my leftovers back in the package and sealed it with tape in hopes that this will preserve them for a bit longer so I can play with them again before Halloween. They do dry out on contact with air so only time will tell if I sealed them well enough...

Aren't these fun?

For more information visit

I'd love to know what you think of these!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. All of these look so great I am definitely trying them out this Halloween!

  2. awesome:) love the flourescent ones!

  3. I read on someone elses blog that they put the strips in one of those vacuum sealed bags and took the air out of it and they worked fine when reopened.

  4. That orange bronze totally looks like a real gorgeous glass fleck polish!

  5. @Ebony, They are so perfect for Halloween! I hope you enjoy them :)

    @maRyya, I love those too! Can't resist anything that glows in the dark :)

    @arlene, I have heard that as well, but I don't have those vacuum sealing bags or machine so I can't test it out :)

    @Freshie, It does look like a beautiful glass fleck. It is glitter based so it really sparkles :)


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