Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Zombie Nails...

Halloween is tomorrow and I want to show you my totally grody zombie manicure. I actually created these earlier this month, right before cutting my nails. Figured I might as well jack up the edges if I'm going to cut them anyway. I got the idea to do zombie nails from this manicure by More Nail Polish. Hope I'm not grossing too many of you out...

I started out this manicure with a nude base polish. Shame on me for not remembering which one, but trust me, you can't see it here anyway. For the rest of the dirt and grime, I used acrylic paint. There is a bit of OPI It All San Andreas's Fault in there for some texture and Barielle Dinner at 8 for the 'blood'...

My boyfriend is grossed out and not impressed, but I happen to think it would be a fun look to go with a zombie costume. What do you think?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. OMG!! that's the most scary and grossy halloween mani i've seen this year!! :D WOW!!

  2. Yikes, these look amazing! Awesome, awesome detail, jacking up the tips like that. Perfect for those special zombie times! ^_^

  3. Seriously gross but totally awesome nails. Thanks for the linky! I've currently got my Miss two sitting on my lap whilst going through my reader and she keeps saying 'pretty', 'so pretty' until she saw these and she just said 'errr yucky nails mummy, yucky' I think you nailed it!

  4. haha my boyfriend is also grossed out! That's commitment cutting them all jagged like that. I wish I saw these before I went to a Zombie party last year!

  5. I actually shuttered when I saw these. Well done :-p

  6. Awful! Well, it means: well done! :-) I think it would be a perfect manicure for a zombie costume! :-)

  7. I love the colors but the jagged edges gross me out! Although it is a cool idea

  8. Haha! All in the name of art, right? I had fun creating these even though looking at them now I'm a bit grossed out myself!

    I think these would be fun to go with a costume and freak everyone out. Definitely wouldn't wear these out otherwise. LOL :)

  9. i LOVE them!!! if that was your boyfriend's real reaction - then you nailed it! very cool.

    ps - thank you so much for the email! =]

  10. OMGod! these are so awesome.. I feel sick lol!

  11. @Amara, Funny enough, he usually likes when I wear pinks/berry shades. This was way out there for him. LOL :)

    @Loz, hahah! Sorry to make you sick! Glad you still like them :D


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