Friday, May 25, 2012

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard!

To coincide with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man collection, OPI created a quiz to determine whose side you are on... hero or villain. Turns out I'm a villain... with pretty nails. To go with my villain personality, OPI suggested I try Just Spotted the Lizard, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, or Number One Nemesis from the new collection. Is anyone else a little worried that they picked out my three favorite colors from the collection? No, I didn't think so.

To celebrate my new found villain status, I decided to play with one of the suggested colors Just Spotted the Lizard. I applied two coats of the polish and stamped using Essence I Love My Jeans and Bundle Monster plate BM-224. The result is a lizard manicure that I have been wearing for almost a week now and still not tired of it. I think that might be some sort of record for me. As a matter of fact, I'm still wearing it as I type this. :)

I would love to know what you think of this mani!
And... are you a hero or a villain? Have you taken OPI's quiz?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. That mani is gorgeous! It does look like scales and I love that the stamp hasn't muted any of that lovely duochrome.

    I took the quiz too and it looks like we are both villians. Mwahaha!

  2. just spotted a lizard is definitely gonna be in my wishlist!!

  3. I'm a villain too! And they named the same 3 polishes that I want to buy. Coincidence or do they know those are the best of the collection?

    Loving the mani! I did a snakeskin once that I never wanted to take off so I get the feeling. We'll wait, just enjoy that one :P

  4. FANTASTIC! This is one of my favorite images from the 2nd BM set!!!! I love this!!!!

  5. This is awesome! It does really look like scales and it looks so good over the duochrome! I'm definitely going to try this :)

  6. I can't see you as a villain, but ok! Your nails are gorgeous, as usual...

  7. Perfect combo, the polish with the stamped design! Looks really good!

  8. so gorgeous! i'm wearing it now too.. my third time since i've got it only a week ago. i can't stay away from the duochrome!

  9. This is an awesome combo! You did really good! I've been thinking of how else to use the stamp design and now seeing yours, I just might have to copy the idea, it looks that good to me.

    Also, I'm a hero.

  10. Apparently I'm a villain too, and yeah, those are absolutely my 3 fave colours in the collection. I like to think I'm a "villain" along the lines of Catwoman, though. I'm not evil; I just don't like playing by the rules. ;)

    An entire week for a mani is seriously impressive! Can't say I'm surprised, though--this combination is fantastic. :D

  11. This is a very cool mani! No wonder your wore it so long!

  12. So nice combooo ! I love OPI :)..
    You have a very nice blog dear..I following you now,i wish follow me back :)
    Kisses From Turkeeey !! <3 Bye..

  13. Thank you ladies! I'm glad that you like this manicure. It was so fun to wear and I didn't have the itch to take it off as I do with the rest of my manis. Will have to repeat it at some point :D

    @nailXchange, Thank you! I would be honored if you copied it :D

    @Elizabeth, I like the way you think! Plus, if not playing by the rules means I get to wear my favorite colors, then I'm in :)


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