Sunday, June 5, 2011

LA Colors Color Craze - Turquoise

Day number three of the Shimmer Brights collection from LA Colors lead me to this gorgeous turquoise color. For me, it is the second oddball out of this set because it is not not very shimmery... something I would expect from a collection named Shimmer Brights. The shimmer is mostly visible outside in direct sunlight. That being said the color is stunning and I really didn't expect to like it as much as I did.

This is two coats plus a top coat...

This photo is just for fun because it looked amazing with water drops in the shower, so I tried to recreate the look... :D

Here it is outside in full sun... yes I did say full sun... maybe my plan to entice summer to start by wearing bright colors is working... fingers crossed :)
Click on the photos to zoom in for a better look at the shimmer...

I wanted a little subtle stamping to give it some more shimmer, so I stamped it with the blue that I wore yesterday (from this set) using Bundle Monster plate BM-212...

Outside is really where you get to enjoy this beauty of this subtle stamping...
Again, feel free to click on any of the photos to zoom in :)

Here is the plate used for this. I do love subtle stamping, what about you?

Brand: LA Colors Color Craze
Collection: Simmer Brights
Color Name/Number: ??? (calling it Turquoise)

Toluene, Formaldehyde & DBP free!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. Gorgeous shade, I'm breaking my brain trying to remember which polish it reminds me..! Looks cool with water :) And this subtle stamping, I like it!

  2. I like the subtle stamping!

  3. I really love the subtle stamping.

  4. I really like this polish color!! I love the design you put on it too. It makes it stand out more!

  5. Love it! Extra great in person :) - Alla

  6. Thanks so much girls!!! :)

    @ritterbraten, let me know if you remember the color! :)

  7. Gorgeous! hahaha I TOTALLY get the whole droplet thing!!! I love when the droplets are different sizes. Just this weekend I was in the shower and I had a thought, "man it would be cool if I could recreate this look with like a clear glue or something" BUT then I thought, "ugh, it would be raised and I don't think i could hang with that" Ya know like rough glitter, i cant stand that.

  8. @Ioodie, I don't like it if something stands out either! Lucky for me these drops wiped right off :D

  9. I'm almost sure this one is called Sea Siren (BCC 580) because I have Sea Siren from the dollar tree and it looks just like the one that is in my pack of shimmer brights.
    Looks lovely on you, and the stamping is awesome!

  10. Oh!! You might be right :)
    I will have to go to my local Dollar Tree and see if I can find out the names for the rest of them...

  11. its atomic the colors name


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