Saturday, January 17, 2015

Review of CICI&SISI Jumbo Series 2 Stamping Plates

Hi Lovelies! Last week I showed you the CICI&SISI Series 1 stamping plates and now I would like to continue by showing you the 2nd series. The CICI&SISI brand currently has four series of six plates each plus a few single plates. I've only have the first two sets and the rest are firmly on my never ending wish list.

As I mentioned last week, each of the series is color coded. The first series of plates has white plastic backing and a white case. The second series is all about the pink with pink plastic backing and their own pink case. There are 10 slots in the case, so a few are left empty when all six plates are put away.

The case is set up in a photo album style where the first five pages are loaded from the back and the rest from the front. The case is made of a faux leather material and the pages are nice flexible plastic that is not too thin or flimsy

Each of the plates comes with a protective blue cover that needs to be removed prior to use. The plates are mounted on a thick plastic backing which features the company logo and website. The design on the back has been changed since I originally purched the plates a year ago. It now features a single large logo and website in the middle.

This series of plates also comes with a stamper/scraper. The stamper needs some priming before use, but works well after that. It is a nice soft and squishy stamper. The scraper is metal so I choose not use it. Instead I use an old credit card which works really well and does not scratch the plates.

When I purchased the set, it included two sheets of fun water decals. This was/is a limited time offer, so I'm not certain if it is still part of the package. Although the Amazon product description still lists the decals, the CICI&SISI website does not.

And finally on to the beautiful plates themselves! As I mentioned, there are six plates in this series. They are numbered 07 through 12. In my Series 1 review, I talked about a slight curve to the plates and these similarly have a slight curve over the patterns as it gets close to the outer long edges. You can see this in my scans as a white haze caused by the plate not laying flat against the scanner. This curve can interfere with stamping. What I find works best for me is to scrape either toward the middle or edge of the plate to get a good, even scrape. I try different directions of scraping depending on the pattern until I find what works best. The squishy stamper definitely helps to contour to the curves.

The stamping plates measure 9.5x14.5cm (not including the backing). Each plate contains 24 full size nail images and 12 small images in between. A total of 216 images in this set. The full size nail images measure 15x19mm, which I find to be a great size.







Overall I am happy with these plates. There is lots of variety from cutesy to romantic to geometric and everything in between. There are definitely plenty of images on each plate that I am drawn to, but also plenty that I know I will not use. Since everyone has different taste, it is great to see something for everyone here. Also, I love that each series comes with it's own stamper/scraper, making any of them a great starter or gift set for someone who doesn't already have the needed accessories.

The plates are available from or directly from Each set retails for $29.99

A few examples of manicures that I created using the 2nd series of CICI&SISI plates...

You can see more of my manicures using CICI&SISI plates here.

What do you think of these plates?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Nothing to declare. Stamping plates purchased with my own money. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


  1. Thank you for the review! These are on my Amazon list....just could use some more practice first with what I have. :)

    1. You are so welcome! I've got so much fun stuff on my Amazon list too! Practice definitely makes perfect so don't give up. :)

  2. Hehe, the stocking legs on 12 are so cute!

    But, I think I'm in the same boat that I won't use a majority of the stamps on any given plate…which, with bigger plates, is a huge factor in whether I buy the plate or not.

    Thanks for the review!!

    1. I love the stockings too! I wish they were a touch smaller to fit on the nail properly, but they are super cute. I love lots of images here so they were worth it for me, but I agree with you, that's a big deciding factor in large plates :)


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