Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow woman...

I wanted to show you some nail art that I created while swatching the Elf-tastic Christmas collection by 365 Days of Color. I thought it would be fun to play off the snowflake glitter embedded in this beautiful gray polish by adding a few stamped snowflakes. Of course once there was snow, a snow woman decided that she would fit right in with her bright red hat, scarf and buttons...

For the manicure I started out with a base of 365 Days of Color Code of Elves (layered over Zoya Carey). I stamped the snowflakes from Bundle Monster plate BM-323 and the snowman from BM-318, using Essence Stamp Me! White...

Using acrylic paints I traced over the details for the colorful accents to my snow woman. I then added two red bullion beads, but sadly they bled when I was adding the top coat. Luckily I figured it out in time to avoid a bloody mess and instead just ended up with the pigment around the beads...

I think she looks really happy to be here and her smile is contagious. I can't help but smile back when looking at her... :)

If anyone has suggestions where I can find bullion beads that don't bleed, I would love to hear it! I've tried ones from the local dollar store, ones I ordered from ebay, and ones made by Essence. They all seem to bleed on contact with a top coat which frustrates me since they are supposedly meant for nail art. I don't like to leave them with no top coat since then they just quickly fall off...

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. I love your designs.. They are so original and pretty :)

  2. It's a pitty that your beads bled, but your Snow woman is charming! :-)

    I love working with beads, but I find beads bleeding very irritating. It happened to me that I've made a beautiful floral manicure, the base colour was white, flowers were blue and the center of the flowers was made of dark blue beads.. After putting the top coat on first two nails, the manicure got completely ruined because those blue beads bled... :-/

    I've tried also to put the top coat on my nail (not too much of it, just a normal layer), then to position all the beads, they do stick to the nail this way and do not bleed, but it's only the matter of time, they fall off...

    I got my beads from eBay stores, some Chinese stores (local dollar stores) and from some normal shops, but I had problems with all of them... The only type of beads that "behaves" a little bit better is the silver coloured type of beads, maybe because that "silver" is their basic colour... :-)

    I hope that you'll find some non-bleeding beads, please let us know! :-)

  3. Lovely. I've heard the same about those beads but don't use them myself.

  4. I know I have that snowman stamp, but it never really "struck my fancy". You make me want to pull it out for my next winter mani!

  5. @Yasinisi, thank you so much! That means a lot to me! :)

    @Raggio di Luna, I feel your pain! I keep trying to remind myself to test them out with a top coat before I use them, but I always forget. There is nothing worse than having a top coat ruin your manicure. And These beads don't last with no top coat :(

    @Kaki, Not all of them bleed, but I always forget to test them before using them. It's really a shame since the mfg knows they are used for nail art.

    @Tina, Thank you so much sweetie! Moods are such a finicky thing. I've been looking at this snowman all winter and wasn't inspired, but turns out all I had to do was turn it into a snow woman. heheh!

    @maRyya, thank you so much! :)

  6. What a cute perfect mani! I love, it and would love to recreate it if I could :)
    All my best wishes to you for 2014!

  7. @Natalia, Thank you so much! Feel free to recreate it! Let me know if you do, I would love to see it! Happy New Year to you! :)


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