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MoYou Stamping Plates

Today I would like to show you the MoYou London stamping plates that I recently added to my stamping plate collection. MoYou London (not to be confused with MoYou Nails) has taken the stamping world by storm. They feature some of the most unique designs I have seen and have quite an extensive assortment of themes and patterns. If that wasn't enough, new plates are released weekly to keep tempting us even more. If you follow me on Instagram than you may have already seen my excited post about this epic nail mail from MoYou London. Although only about 1/3 of these plates are mine (I purchased together with a couple of friends), I just had to show this awesomeness to you. Keep reading for a closer view of the 13 plates that I got...

Before I show you the designs, let me tell you a little about the plates themselves. As seen above, newer plates come packaged in a cardboard sleeve featuring the collection logo. Older plates are packaged in plastic baggies, but I believe eventually they will all be transitioned to the cardboard sleeves.

Unlike most common round stamping plates which measure 5.5cm in diameter, these rectangular plates are and impressive 6x12cm (edge to edge, not including the plastic backing). They have a protective blue plastic cover which needs to be removed prior to stamping...

Each plate is mounted on a white plastic backing. The back features the MoYou London logo. These plates feel very solid and sturdy. The plastic backing ensures that you will not be cutting yourself on any sharp metal edges....

Overall they look very impressive and are truly gorgeous plates. I'm tempted to get some of them simply because they are a work of art in themselves. Please note that the plates below are just the plates that I purchased and not complete collections. There are A LOT of other plates available.

For each of the plates below, I'm showing both a photo and a scan of the plate. I personally prefer the scans because they show off the details much better, but I think some people prefer the photos so I decided to include both. Let me know which you prefer for my next review...

You can click on any of the images to see a larger version...

Mother Nature Collection - 01

Mother Nature Collection - 02

Pro Collection - 05

Pro Collection - 06

Pro Collection - 10

Pro Collection - 13

Pro Collection - 14

Sailor Collection - 01

Sailor Collection - 02

Suki Collection - 01

Suki Collection - 02

Suki Collection - 06

Suki Collection - 07

I truly can't stop staring at some of these plates! How gorgeous is that Suki Collection plate above?

The 'stampable' area of the full plates such as the Suki Collection 07 is 4.7 x 10.4 cm. With these images you can stamp any portion of the plate. Unlike the usual small images or full nail patterns which essentially predetermine what the stamped image will be, with these plates there are no limits. That can be quite an intimidating thing especially when it can be difficult to imagine how much will fit the nail, how it will look, or which portion we should be trying to pick up with the stamper. If that sounds about right, check out this amazing post by Marta on Chit Chat Nails for how to create a nail cutout which you can slide around on the stamping plate and get a better idea of what the image will look like.

The plates that I purchased which have full nail rectangular patterns are XL plates. The XL plates feature full nail designs which are 15 x 21mm in size. They are quite large. In comparison, the newest Bundle Monster Holiday plate set features full nail designs which are 14 x 17mm in size.

If you have smaller, shorter nails than take a look at the regular (instead of XL) plates. They feature 18 different designs per plate (compared to 12 on the XL plates) and each pattern is 12 x 15 mm in size. I unfortunately do not have any such plates to show you because they would be too short for my nails and I chose not to purchase any.

Here are a few of my 1st manicures with the MoYou London stamping plates. They all stamp beautifully! I have tried other plates as well although I have not created full manicures with them. They are very well etched and easy to stamp with. Even the thinnest lines and smallest details get picked up as you can see in the third manicure here. Because the patterns are so thin they do seem to get clogged with polish more than other plates and I found it necessary to clean the plate between each stamping to get crisp images...

You can click on any of the manicure to go directly to the original post...

You can find this and many, many, many (did I say that enough?) other MoYou London plates at:

Please let me know what you think of this review! Also, do you prefer to see photos or scans of the plates?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. What awesome designs!! I love all of the manis you came up with.

  2. Great post! We chose many of the same plates. They are so gorgeous aren't they? I prefer the scans as I can see the detail better. Great post, thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Great post!

    I have brought so many of these MoYou plates and every time I get a new set delivered I see more that I want to add to my collection and then MoYou go and release even more plates. I think I am going to start a MoYou kitty and buy two a month!

    Great pictures :)

  4. I love the scanning! Much better detail than the photos, and as always I love your stamping designs

  5. I just got my own epic nail mail from them and posted it on IG. I cannot wait to get into all these designs. I am happy to see we chose many of the same plates :)

  6. What a Great post! I love Moyou plates, I only got 5 so far, but I might be purchasing more in the future. I have only tried one so far and I have done 6 manicures with it and have certainly not exploited the whole range of possibilities. I think my 5 plates will take me very far :)

  7. Great plates! Cannot wait to see your creations! :)
    I ordered 5 plates at the end of October, about 3 of what you have, but still waiting for them to turn up... lost in the mail! Ugh!!

  8. @Marisa, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the designs! I cannot wait to play around more :)

    @Kyema, they are so gorgeous! I have a hard time deciding which one I want to use 1st! :)

    @Simply Into.. That is such a great idea! If I didn't have to worry about shipping costs, I would gladly purchase as they slowly trickle out :)

    @natalsie, thank you so much! I prefer the scans as well and will skip the photos next time around! :)

    @Amy, I can say the same thing! I cannot wait to see your manicures! They have so many beautiful plates and images. Love it :)

    @maRyya, thank you so much!

    @Natalia, I know exactly what you mean! My first two manicure were with the same Sailor plate and they look absolutely different. There are just so many possibilities even in a single plate. Five plates will definitely get you far :)

    @Lacquerdelique, Oh no! I really hope that you get them soon. Don't hesitate to contact MoYou! I hear they have great customer support for such issues! Fingers crossed you get them soon :)

  9. These plates are impressive!!!
    I like some designs from the Sailor collection and the Suki collection, the quantity of details in each plate left me without word! What can I say? Amazing.
    You and your pals have done a nice choice ;-)

  10. Great plates! I really don't know what I would choose first, so many beautiful designs! :-)

  11. @Valentina Chirico, thank you very much! They left me speechless as well! MoYou keeps coming out with new designs which I know I won't be able to resist :)

    @Raggio di Luna, I'm having the same issue! I can't decide which to use next. :)

  12. These plates are amazing :) And I prefer to see scans of the plates.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I'll be doing scans from now on!
      These plates are so fun, I need to find more time to play with them :)


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