Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Polish Day: 7 Deadly Sins - Envy

Time sure flies when you are having fun and so it is once again time for the monthly Polish Days challenge. What I love about Polish Days challenges is that they are always... well challenging. This month the theme is the 7 Deadly Sins. We are all guilty of at least one so choosing which to fess up to was easy. Trying to express it in a manicure was a challenge.

My biggest sin is envy and since green is the color of envy...

Why envy? I am guilty of envying people who have traits/talents/genes which I wish I possessed. For example, I might envy a person for having what I consider perfect nails. I might be jealous of someone for being an eloquent speaker, a great writer, or just having the gift for gab, since I am usually awkward and shy until I know someone well. I am horrible at small talk and uncomfortable with awkward silence, so I always envy people who can easily keep up a conversation about seemingly nothing with anyone and do it so easily. I always manage to say something to embarrass myself or completely blank out and not know what to say. I've always wished for a good singing voice and dance skills and so many other things that I can't, but wish I could do, so I envy people who are good at it. Sure, I should be thankful for my own genetics, skills and talents, but they never seem as fun as someone else's. Guess I'm a sinner like the rest of the world...

Representing all of that in a manicure is no easy task, so rather than drive myself insane, I chose two polishes which contained the word "Envy" in their name. For the base I used SinfulColors Envy and added the drips using Ulta Green With Envy. To me, the drips represent a sort of toxic slime of thoughts which slowly drip down and take over. Completely non-productive, but often difficult to catch or stop...

I had the urge to flip all the photos upside down to show the drips flowing in the correct direction, but just in case those are driving you nuts... :)

SinfulColors Envy is a dusty medium green cream. It has a nice formula that was easy to work with. While it seemed thin at first, it did build up to full coverage in just two coats. Swatches are with no top coat...

Swatch Details
Brand: SinfulColors
Collection: core
Color Name/Number: Envy, 960
Number of coats: 2
Top Coat: No

Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

So which are you guilty of?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I think you did a fantastic job with this manicure, and the interpreation of the theme. Love the two green colors together!

  2. Great Combo and fine work. I like :D

  3. omg i love this so much! probably the best drip mani i've seen to date!

  4. Such a great interpretation! Beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful dripping mani!! I hope I can paint the drips as good as you...

  6. I really like the colours you chose, perfect for Envy :)

  7. this is stunning!

  8. Thank you very much everyone! I'm so glad that you like the colors and my interpretation of the theme! It felt oddly therapeutic writing this post :)

  9. Beautiful manicure! :-) I envy you your nail art skills! ;-)

  10. 1) Agree on Polish Days being challenging, in a positive way.
    2) Are you kidding me?! Your nails are perfect! Wish I had your cuticle shape!
    3)" awkward and shy until I know someone well. I am horrible at small talk and uncomfortable with awkward silence, so I always envy people who can easily keep up a conversation about seemingly nothing with anyone and do it so easily. I always manage to say something to embarrass myself or completely blank out and not know what to say." - You're describing me to the T!!

    That all said, I love the finished look of the design. Green on green never looked so good! I especially love the shimmer in Green with Envy.

  11. Gorgeous drips! Gottta say I'm envious of your long nail beds ;)

  12. @Tatjana, thank you so much! I envy yours in return :)

    @A Lacquered Affair,
    1. Yes, definitely challenging in a positive way! Wouldn't do them otherwise, right? :D
    2. Thank you so much! Hmm, I never thought about the cuticle shape before. I don't like the way my nails curl and they have a kink where they turn up towards the tips that drive me nuts. It's easier to see the imperfections IRL...
    3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one like that! Thank you for sharing with me!!
    And of course I'm so thrilled that you like the manicure. I'm glad the two greens work together as they are the only ones with "envy" in their name :)

    @Lilacsrip, Long nail beds? My nail beds are shorties, I just have long nails to compensate... lol :)
    Take a look at these little stubs in this early post, before I started growing them out. :)

  13. Awesome interpretation, with the toxic slime an all ;) And I recognize myself completely in that description ;)

  14. @maRyya, thank you! <3

    @Swaafie, LOL! Thank you so much sweetie! I'm glad you like it and I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one that feels that way :)

  15. I think you're crazy for envying people with perfect nails because your nails are definitely perfect! These colors are both gorgeous and your design and photos are truly flawless!

  16. I really like your envious mani! Great colors and the drips are perfect! Love :)

  17. @Mihaela, Thank you so much! *blushing*
    I am sure that I'm my biggest critic by far, but luckily it hasn't stopped me from posting :)

    @Chester, I'm so glad that you like it! Thank you for your comments :)


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