Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winstonia First Generation Stamping Plates Review

I was waiting to show you the Winstonia stamping plate set, the latest set to join my collection, until I had a chance to try them out. I finally used them for the beach manicure last weekend and can share my thoughts on them...

This is the first and so far only set of plates by Winstonia. It is aptly named First Generation, which makes me hopeful that there will be more to come. The set contains 20 plates numbered W101 to W120.

These are direct scans of the plates in my set. Click to zoom in for a closer look...

If you look closely, you can see some minor surface scratches, but nothing that interferes with the patterns themselves. They are nicely etched and the ones I have tried so far have stamped very well. Overall I'm extremely happy with these plates. They feature beautiful full nail designs as well as fun holiday themed plates that are not common in other sets, such as a Movember plate (W109) and a Thanksgiving plate (W119). The peacock feather on plate W108 is what sold me on the set! It is so beautiful...

The set come packaged in a small box (see first photo). Each plate is covered with blue plastic that needs to be removed prior to using. The reverse side of the plate features paper backing with the logo and website. It is great to help dull the plate edges and decrease the chance of cutting yourself...

The plates themselves are 56 mm in diameter, which is a common size for plates. They fit perfectly in my Bundle Monster plate organizer. Full size images are a comfortable (for me) size of 13 x 16 mm. I like that they avoided the recent trend of putting a curve into the image. Call me a happy camper!

The only bad thing about this set... it comes with just 20 plates and they are so cute that I want more :D
I guess this First Generation is a great teaser and hopefully an indication of more pretty plates to come...

These are available on and I purchased the plates directly from because the shipping was slightly cheaper and I was able to use a 10% off code, advertised on their Facebook page. The coupon code that I used is no longer valid, but keep an eye on their page as they might have a sale again. As a fun bonus, my invoice arrived with a roll of striping tape attached to it.

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. I was waiting on some sort of review of these. Thank you!

  2. I'm desperate for these! Hurry up payday!

  3. I just ordered my set yesterday! Can't wait for them! :)

  4. I have to admit it has cute designs, but there's way too many single images for me (at least for now this is my mood lol). I'm a happy camper too, no french tips is nice hehehe. Kisses


  5. great review! I just bought these a couple weeks ago & love them. I agree that they have fun holiday designs and patterns that I haven't really seen elsewhere. I DO wish there were more than 20 plates, too! :)

  6. Very cute and I like the fact they cover several themes such as Halloween, summer and xmas in 1 set. :)

  7. Thank you everyone! I'm glad you found this useful and like the plates :)

  8. Thank you so much for providing the image dimensions! That is VERY helpful and has totally sold me on these plates :D

  9. Robyn, I'm so glad that it was helpful!! I need to find time to write more reviews :)


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