Monday, January 21, 2013

Born Pretty Store Hot Pink Flocking Powder!

Fuzzy nails! This is certainly one thing that I thought I would never (and I mean never!) try. The crazy thing about saying never though is that it comes back to bite you. Recently, I accepted an offer from the to review some of their fun nail art products including these and these nail studs. As a surprise, I also got some flocking powder! Let me tell you, I have never been more terrified of a jar of fuzz in my life. It has been taunting me for more than a month as I got up my nerve to try it. Not only is it bright neon pink, but it meant fuzzy nails after I swore  to "never". Little did I know that it would actually be so much fun...

Since the powder is bright neon pink and the Valentines Day theme is everywhere, I thought it would be a perfect fit and a great opportunity to go into pink overload. Might as well jump in head first, right?

For the base I used Nicole by OPI Still Into Pink. It is a newly launched shade for this year and I will show full swatches of it in a few days. I stamped all the nails with the heart pattern from Bundle Monster plate BM-317 using KleanColor Metallic Fuschia. Yup, I stamped all of the nails and took photos just in case this was a total disaster. Yeah, I was skeptical...

For the fully flocked nails I used a coat of Nicole by OPI A Like-Haley Story..., which is the same bright pink as the flocking powder. While the polish was still wet I applied the flocking powder working one nail at a time...

For the fuzzy hearts, I again applied A Like-Haley Story... this time with a small nail art brush. After applying the flocking powder I added a second fuzz-free heart. They turned out sooo cute. Seriously changed my mind about flocking powder...

The fuzz doesn't stand out as much as I thought it would. In fact, it stood out and bothered me less than the rhinestones and studs that I love so much...

Please ignore the heart shadow underneath. It wasn't visible in real life. The fully flocked nails were actually pretty fun. They feel soft and fuzzy and don't look nearly as scary as these macro shots make them out to be. I admit, I couldn't stop petting my own nails...

Each kit of flocking powder from the comes with a jar of flocking powder which has enough powder to make thousands of manicures, tweezers and a brush. To purchase you can use coupon code AG5J61 for a 10% discount.

Application really couldn't be easier... make sure you are working over a sheet of paper or other surface that you can easy clean from powder later...

  1. Apply a base nail polish that closely matches the flocking powder in color. This helps conceal any gaps in the powder if missed during application or that fall off during wear.
  2. While the polish is still wet, using the included tweezers apply flocking powder over the nail and press down with your fingers. 
  3. Using the brush, swipe across the nail to remove any excess powder that did not adhere to the nail.
It is just that simple!

A close up of the powder and the size of the fibers...

I think flocking powder is a really fun accent to a manicure. I can definitely see more uses for it now that I have actually tried it. A fuzzy pink leopard mani? I'm cured of my fear of jars of fuzz!

It wears better than I anticipated. The manicure survived multiple hand washing and even a shower. It does look pretty funny when wet, kind of like velvet, but returns back to it's fuzzy self as it dries.

In case you are curious and since I went through the trouble to photograph it, here is what the manicure looked like before I added the flocking powder...

Have you tried flocking powder for manicures before? What are your thoughts on it?

Also, if you are interested in purchasing the flocking powder or anything else from the, you can use coupon code AG5J61 for a 10% discount.

Thanks for looking and commenting!
Anutka :)

** Polishes were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


  1. Oh, how cute is this! I want to recreate it :)

  2. I'm not crazy about full fuzzy nails, but I kind of like it as the accent heart shape. I like that contrast of the fuzzy heart with the glassy pink.

  3. I LOVE THIS! Your little fuzzy hearts have me swooning <3 I wasn't interested in flocking powder before, but after seeing it used as part of a stamped design, I want to try it!

  4. Anutka!! Wow!! I mean W O W :D
    I like that. Did you find fluff in your soup or sandwich?? ^_^

  5. I adore this manicure, first with the stamping, then with this flocking powder that is soooo interesting! :-) I'm waiting for my flocking powder to arrive! :-)

  6. Wow, this is the only flocking powder manicure I have seen that actually makes me want to try it myself... I've "sworn" I wouldn't go there, but this really makes me want to try it out... :)

  7. This is adorable!!!! What a cute idea!

  8. These look so good. I need to get myself some flocking powder :)

  9. I actually LOVE the flocking powder as an accent. I don't think I'd do a full-on fuzzy mani, but the way you used it is perfect!

  10. I love what you did with the hearts!! Really pretty!!

  11. What a clever way to use flocking powder! :-)

  12. Flocked hearts are so cute, this would make one special Valentine's day manicure :)

  13. This looks like so much fun! I love the fuzzy hearts! So cute!

  14. These are really cute! I like the idea of using flocking powder in nail art rather than on the entire nail.

  15. I'm so glad that you like the flocking powder as accents! I was so nervous to try this and now I think I'll be doing fuzz accents more often!

    @Chilli, nope, didn't have any in my soup or sandwich. lol ;)


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