Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Stamping: Plate Number Ending in Month of Birth

Today is Sunday Stamping in the group Adventures in Stamping and the challenge for the week is to create a manicure with a plate number ending in either the day or the month of birth. I chose to go with my birth month of June and picked a plate ending in six. I think this gray and kind of moody manicure really represents how I feel today as I'm still fighting this nasty cold that has drained all my energy. I need some little ninja fruit to come kick it's behind...

For the manicure I started out with Sally Hansen Greige Gardens and stamped over it with the ninja star pattern from Mash plate Mash-47 using Sally Hansen Presto Pewter. The ninja fruit (at least that's what they look like to me) are from the Bundle Monster plate BM-306. The strawberries were stamped using Sally Hansen Quick Brick and the raspberries/boysenberries/a dozen other similar berries were stamped using Sally Hansen Grape Escape...

It didn't quite turn out as I imagined, but I still like it. The ninja fruit now look like happy little hedgehogs to me, especially the purple ones...

Greige Gardens is a lavender gray jelly. Application was very nice, not streaky or runny. It did take three coats to build up to full opacity that is in these swatches. With the shiny jelly finish, no top coat was necessary. It dries darker than bottle color, but I like the darker shade more. Not much I can say, I'm a big fan of gray polish so this is right up my alley...

Swatch Details
Brand: Sally Hansen
Collection: Complete Salon Manicure
Color Name/Number: Greige Gardens, 404
Number of coats: 3
Top Coat: No

Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. That looks amazing! I love it!

  2. Beautiful grey - it's on my list of Sally Hansens)) I like that your ninja fruit turned out to be cute little hedgehogs))

  3. So pretty, the colours work amazingly together! I think the stamping came out really well :)

  4. @mem22, thank you so much! :)

    @Mimi, thank you. So glad you like it :)

    @Natalsie, I just love gray as well! Glad you like the hedgehog/ninja berries. They look so happy :)

    @lthfifi, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the colors :)

    @Jamie, thank you! The gray is just gorgeous :)

  5. Thank you so much! You are very sweet :)


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