Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effect - How Corny

Sally Hansen has released five fun Salon Effects Halloween prints this year and I've got two of them to show you. I think these nails strips are such a fun and easy way to sport nail art without much effort. My favorite thing about them is that they are made from real nail polish and can be easily removed with polish remover. I'm ever so curious on how these are made, but that might be a mystery to solve another day. For now I'll just enjoy wearing them...

How Corny nails strips are cute little candy corn on a silver background. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the promo shots for this design thinking I wouldn't like the pattern, but I have changed my mind after trying them. The candy corn is not too overwhelming and the silver background really works for me and makes them wearable...

If you've never seen the Salon Effects nail polish strips, they come in a box with two nail strip packages, a nail file, cuticle stick and instructions. The design below is Batty For You which I'll show you another day. This is everything that you would need to put these on (assuming the nails are clean/polish free to start with)...

Each of the nail packages contains 8 polish strips. They provide a nice variety of sizes for fit any nail.

The strips are fairly long to account for those with longer nails, but I have found that they are just long enough for me that I can cut them in half and use one package of 8 to do a full manicure plus have a bit to spare. That leaves me with a full sealed package to use another day and I love that! I really hope Sally Hansen doesn't change the packaging of these and start putting all the strips in one, since they dry out when exposed to air...

Have you tried nail polish strips before? What do you think of them?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. Yes,I have tried these and they are awesome. There's enough to do mani & pedi in one box. I haven't seen the candy corn yet though. Your nails are so cute!!

  2. aw, perfect. it looks great. and your nails are amazing!

  3. I love the Sally Hansen nail strips, and this is one of my favorite designs they've done! Looks good on you.

  4. I thought they looked kind of cheesey when I saw them in the store, but they actually look super cute on you ☺

  5. These are so cute! I think I might need to buy these to wear on Wednesday!

  6. Thank you very much everyone! I'm really glad that you like these nail strips. It turned out to be such a cute pattern on the nails. :)

  7. I love love love these nail polish strips! I wear them all the times! They really do wear the 7-10 days they say they will last! And they come off easy.

    I love your blog! And follow it every day! You are the best!

  8. @NJoy, I never have the patience to wear them out, but they do last the entire time I wear them and I love that they are made of real polish, not some foil! :)


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