Monday, December 22, 2014

Kaleidoscope Whirlwind

Hi Everyone! I recently added a few more MoYou plates to my collection and I was itching to try them out. Starting out today with a manicure created using one of the Kaleidoscope plates. I'm pretty much obsessed with the images of this entire collection, although I only opted to purchase one plate due to image size issues. Insert really sad pouty face directed at MoYou here...

For the manicure, I used a base of the gorgeous and sparkly Glam Polish Whirlwind form the Mid-Winter's Dream collection. I stamped the pattern from MoYou plate Kaleidoscope 10 using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Grape Escape. After the stamping, I used a small detail brush and Glam Polish You and Me (But Mostly Me) to add the gold detailing. I also used a small detail brush to touch up a bit of the pattern which ran slightly short for me. Finally, I accented each nail with a small gold rhinestone...

Here is my scan of the amazing MoYou Kaleidoscope 10 plate. I had a tough time deciding whether I should get this plate or the XL version of it (plates 08, 09 and 11) one of which you can see below. I generally prefer the size of the XL images because the regular sized ones are so sticking small measuring at just 12x15mm vs 15x22mm for the XL ones. For these designs, however, I was worried about loosing the detail of the images and opted to try and make the smaller ones work for me. I'm glad I got the smaller sized images in this case, but I do wish MoYou's small images ran just a few millimeters longer. A girl can dream right?

The reason I opted to go with the smaller images is not because there are more of them on the stamping plate (although that is pretty enticing), but rather because MoYou is very inconsistent with scaling of images. For example you can see the pattern that I used for this manicure (2nd row, 2nd image on plate 10 above and 1st row, 1st image on plate 09 below). They are exactly the same just different sizes. If I were to use the XL image, I would only get about two thirds of the pattern on my nail and thereby loose a lot of detail. I wish that instead of shrinking/enlarging the same image, MoYou would expand or continue the pattern for the XL images, so that you would still be able to get a lot of detail on shorter nails. They do it 'correctly' on occasion, but very rarely. Again, a girl can dream right?

Ok, I'm getting off my MoYou soapbox for now and getting back to more photos of the manicure. I love how this manicure turned out...

Ooh! So sparkly...

Let me know what you think of this manicure!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. This is gorgeous!! Awesome job with it ;0).

  2. What a super-duper beautiful mani! I'm so glad you explained the sizing issues you're having because I'm just about to place my first purchases from both MoYou London and CICI & SISI. I honestly wish the makers of the higher quality images would use a testing board comprised of knowledgeable and experienced blogger stampers like you. They could turn out much better product and expand their profit base. Thanks again for the joy I take absorbing your creativity!

  3. Anutka, your creations is gorgeous! I wonder, if you had to stretch the small images to fit your nail size?

    1. Thank you so much!! I didn't stretch the design in this case. The pattern is 15mm in length and my nails are only 16-17mm (they look longer than they are, but my nail beds are very small). I just touched up the pattern near the cuticles with a detail brush. :)

  4. I just received Kaleidoscope 9 yesterday, my first moyou XL plate and I know what you mean about the image sizing. I used the second image on the second row and had to chop the image in half for it to even look kind of right on my finger. I guess I could shrink the images, but I'm not great at that yet. Practice will make perfect and it looks like I should get a lot of practice.

  5. Really super beautiful manicure! Both stamping and combination of colours are perfect :-)

  6. You are truly an artist! Thank you for sharing your manicures with us :)

  7. Genius gold accent! Truly inspiring thanks!!


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