Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Speckled Neon Gradient

I couldn't get enough of the adorable Specked Neon shades from InDecisive Lacquer that I showed you yesterday, so after swatching them, I decided to play around and create some nail art. Although these don't come in all the colors of a rainbow, I thought it might still be fun to put them in rainbow-y order and of course that meant some sort of gradient was in order...

I love the look of neon glitter over a nude base, so I started out with Barielle Pillow Talk from the Nude & Naughty collection. To create the gradient, I simply dabbed a bit of each Specked Neon shade onto the nail using just the polish brush. I tried to overlap them a tiny bit to give them a softer transition from one to the next...

I love how this turned out! So quick and easy, perfect for the sunny days we had this weekend.

Now I've got my fingers crossed for some orange and purple Speckled Neon toppers to join the speckled line up and complete a full rainbow *insert innocent face here*

Mmm, looks like candy...

When doing the swatches for yesterday's post, I completely forgot to get a shot of them under black light. Not to make the same mistake twice, here they are all glowy and ready to party under the black lights...

PS. You can find out more about InDecisive Nail Lacquer on the:
Etsy Shop | Facebook

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. This is a very sweet looking mani! I hadn't thought of using nudes and neons but I will now!

  2. I really like how you have those speckled neons lightly spattered on the color base! I am working on trying to get glitter placements and amounts down better on a base. It's wonderful to have great manis like yours for reference in that quest!

  3. You got me hooked on Indecisive Lacquer way back in the day with Brick and Ichor. Now I am going to need these too. Way to go, Enabler!

  4. The mani looks unique, I never tried to make a glitter gradient! You made me want to do it :)


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