Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nail Art: Blushing Roses with Polished by KPT Camellia and LilyAnna stamping...

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm having a late start to the day, but I wanted to show you this manicure that I created a few days ago. The idea for this came from nail art created by Amateur Manicure. If you are not already following her, then what are you waiting for? There is nothing amateur about her manicures, they are all incredibly gorgeous! In one of my favorites, she had the brilliant idea to stamp with white over black and then top it off with a sheer polish for color. She shows this off in her OPI Sheer Tinted Stamping manicure that left me speechless at the sheer genius of it. No pun intended! Easy pastels over black?! I'll be trying that with my Sheer Tints soon, but I'm getting side tracked...

Playing off the idea of topping white stamping with a sheer polish, I decided to try it out with a sheer thermal for a blushing effect..

For this manicure, I used a base of Wet 'n Wild Black Creme. I stamped with Essence Stamp Me! White using the rose pattern from LilyAnna plate 09 (aka LA09). I'll show the plate to you a little further below. Over the stamping I added one coat of Polished by KPT Camellia, which is a sheer to red thermal jelly. I'll show swatches of it further in this post too.

In the warm state, Camellia gives just the slightest hint of pink over a white base...

In transitions, the roses start to blush...

In the cold state, Camellia is red and so are the roses.
Please note it was a really hot day when I created this and I couldn't keep my hands cold enough even with cold water to get a fully red shot. You can see the white starting to show through toward the cuticles. I wore this mani for a day and most of the time they were blushing as in the photos above...

The stamping plate used for this manicure is LilyAnna 09 which is from a series available on Messy Mansion. All of the plates feature full size patterns. They are high quality and stamp very well. The plates come with a blue protective cover which needs to be removed prior to stamping (not pictured). They do not have any special backing, just bare metal which means edges can be a bit sharp. The plates themselves measure 6 cm x 12 cm. This is the same size as MoYou London plates, if you are familiar with those...

Each of the full size images measure 15 x 20mm. The images are detail enough to work even for shorter nails without loosing the effect of the pattern. The image in the thumb shot below is from LA04 plate...

Another look at the manicure...

Polished by KPT Camellia
A sheer to red thermal jelly. It has a nice formula which is not too thick and does not drag. I used 1 coat plus a top coat in the swatches below.

I decided to try it over a few different colors to see if I could get some fun transitions. My base colors here are Wet 'n Wild French White Creme, OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana, OPI Pink Friday, and Color Club Evolution. This is what they look like without the thermal, just base color...

This is with Camellia in the warm state. It is very sheer and adds just the slightest hint of pink over the base color...

Transition, the tips start to turn red. Which color combination is your favorite?

Cold state...

Swatch Details
Brand: Polished by KPT
Color Name/Number: Camellia
Number of coats: 1 (layered)
Top Coat: Yes

Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

I'd love to know what you think of this manicure, thermal beauty, and stamping plate?! :)

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Polishes and stamping plate were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


  1. I think this is absolutely genious! I have a thermal that is too sheer in cold state to wear on it's own (stained nails and all), and this would be perfect for it!

  2. I absolutely love how your mani turned out!! So pretty!

  3. Thank you for the link to Amateur Manicure! I never came across her blog before, and it is just brilliant. And I love your blushing roses, too, such a great idea.

  4. This manicure turned out perfectly, I love it! :-)

  5. Wow, what a clever idea how to use these thermal polishes! This is simply stunning. :)

  6. This are amazing! perfectly gorgeous. I'm following Amateur Manicure now :D

  7. I absolutely LOVE this! It's stunning!

  8. As promised on Instagram I did a manicure inspired by your gorgeous idea, here it is!

    Lisa xx

  9. Your nails look so beautiful!
    I love how all these different colors match together. :)

    xx julia


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