Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Born Pretty Store Paint Set Review and Floral Nails...

It has been far too long since this lovely set of acrylic paints from the Born Pretty Store has been in my possession and waiting for me to find some time to play around with it. I finally got such an occasion to test it out and ended up with some pretty floral nails to boot..

The set, Item #3333, from the Born Pretty Store includes everything you see above, nail art brushes, palates and the paints. It is a perfect starter set for beginners or advanced alike. The detail brushes are very nice and range in size from 0 to 0000.

The paints come in 12 different colors as you can see below. The only color missing for a complete rainbow is purple, but I suppose in a pinch you can mix blue+red to try and make purple. Each tube of paint contains 12 ml or acrylic color goodness. I'm not an expert on quality of acrylic paints, but I found these very easy to use for nail art. They are slightly thicker than the craft paints that I've used in the past, which is sometimes desirable. They can also be easily thinned out with a bit of water when you need to. Overall I think this set is an awesome deal...

Now on to the nail art that I created. For this look I used just blue and white paints from the set over a base of Zoya Hudson. I attempted to create one stroke flowers inspired by Tartofraises. It wasn't any specific manicure of her's that I was trying to replicate, but whenever I do one stroke flowers of any kind I watch her videos for inspiration. She makes everything look so easy that it boosts my bravery and inspires me to give some sort of flowers a shot...

I'm pretty thrilled with how these turned out and I love how bright and vivid the acrylic paints are. Because as I already mentioned, these paints are slightly thicker than craft paint that I've used previously, it is was easier to reach opacity with them. I only had to retrace the petals once, instead of 2-3 times as I have in the past for the colors to become opaque and really pop...

I would love to know what you think of this manicure! Let me know in the comments below!

You can find this paint set, Item #3333 at the Born Pretty Store.
Don't forget you can use the coupon code AG5J61 for 10% off your order.

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I want to see you do more floral manicures :D

  2. These are beautiful! Nice one stroke work. I haven't yet tried this technique, but I might now!

  3. Your manicure is gorgeous. I've been watching Tartofraises for ages now and she makes one stroke look so easy. Every time I watch one of her videos I feel inspired to try one stroke again.

  4. Sorry, I am not loving this one stroke technique. I would love to see if you can create child like floral designs.... that would be cute : )

  5. I love the nail art you created with this kit!

  6. These are beautiful. Lovely floral design


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