Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Born Pretty Store Nail Foils

Today I would like to show you my very first attempt at using nail foils. A while ago, I received three different foils for review from the Born Pretty Store. I delayed trying them out because I assumed these needed special foil glue and frankly I was a bit intimidated. I finally realized that nail glue is optional and got over my fear to try them all. Sadly, I lost the photos for two of the manicures when my computer crashed so I will have to play with those again. At least my first one survived and I can share it with you today...

I chose to use a metallic base of Zoya Bobbi underneath the foil, figuring that if I did not get complete coverage with the foil, it would not be too obvious where the foil ended and the metallic polish began. After Bobbi was completely dry, I added a clear coat and waited until it was almost dry, but still tacky to the touch. I then simply pressed random sections of the foil onto the nail. Turns out it is actually rather simple and not something to fear. The result I think is pretty fun...

A bit of a closeup... a graffiti look?

Here are the foils I got for review. The one in the front (foil #27) was used for this manicure. I will show you the other two (foil #6 and #17) when I get a chance to redo the manicures...

If you are interested in purchasing foils or any other products from the Born Pretty Store, feel free to use the coupon code of AG5J61 for 10% off your purchase...


Have you tried foils already? What do you think of them?

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

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  1. Very pretty! :) I like the brushed design of the foil :)

  2. It is very interesting..i use foil but have never combinated it! Later when i'll go to home i try to show my work with it

  3. @Olechka, It is fun to play around with the different foils! They can easily be combined to create a whole array of different looks :)


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