Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Stamping: Color Wheel Opposites...

I was really excited about today's Sunday Stamping challenge of using complimentary colors on the color wheel, but I hate to say that I'm not nearly as excited about the result. I knew I wanted to use yellow/gold and purple for the challenge. They happen to be the colors of my alma mater so it seemed fitting. The problem for me is that the purple didn't stamp purple enough. Although I still like the manicure overall, I can't help but be a teeny bit disappointed. Hopefully you won't mind terribly since it is still kind of cute...

To create this manicure I used three Zoya shades, Zoya Darcy, Zoya Kerry and Zoya Rihana.

Index: Kerry sponged with Rihana. Accented with two square rhinestones
Middle & ring: Darcy lightly sponged with Kerry. Stamped with Rihana using Bundle Monster plate BM-322
Pinkie: Darcy sponged with Rihana and Kerry

I would really love to know what you think of this manicure, so don't hesitate to comment!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Polishes were provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
** For more information please see the disclosure policy **


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