Thursday, May 23, 2013

NCLA Stephanie's Galaxy Nail Wraps...

I'm back! OK, so I wasn't really gone very long, but it felt like a lifetime. My computer was brought down by a teeny tiny microSD card which turns out was for some reason incompatible with it. The computer required a full system re-install so I was without all my files or programs for a while. Reminded me of an elephant being brought down by a mouse. Anyhow, now I have lots catching up to do and I'd like to start by showing you these fun NCLA Stephanie's Galaxy Nail Wraps...

The package comes with instructions, two sheets of 22 wraps each and a nail file. Each sheet  is enough for a complete manicures with lots left over for possible use as accents in other manicures. I'm pretty sure I could manage another full manicure out of the leftovers on the first sheet if I did some cutting/stretching of the leftovers, so enough for four manicures per package for me. I found the included nail file a bit too rough for my preference so I used a finer one of my own. There are great instructions plus a video on the NCLA website, so I won't bother restating them here...

The wraps were easy to apply. My nails are flat with no curve at all which is horrible for holo polishes, but perfect for nail wraps. They are stretchy so should contour to accommodate those with curvy nails. This was by far the easiest and quickest galaxy manicure I've ever done. Great if you are in a hurry and great if you have no interest in getting messy and attempting this look with sponging...

As the edges of the wraps get filed down, this leaves and exposed white edge along the tip. I always wrap my nails when doing a manicure so seeing the exposed edge drove me a bit crazy. This is a problem I face with all nail wraps. Also, because the edge is so bright white, it is easy to tell these are wraps...

These wraps are not nail polish based, so they are removed by peeling rather than with acetone. I found it easiest to remove them starting from the base of the nail instead of the tip. When starting at the base they come off in one piece as opposed to ripping when I tried to pry them at the tip...

They took longer to remove than to apply, leaving behind a sticky glue residue which I removed with acetone. Unfortunately the removal also took bits of the top layers of my nail with it, which I didn't realize at first. On one hand it is a testament to how well they adhere, but on the other hand really unnerving realizing the nails are damaged...

I would definitely consider these for a special occasion or when in a hurry with no time for doing nail art. How long they last would really depend on if you are a picker (like me) or not. It also would depend on how rough you are to your nails. When applying a top coat, I suggest wrapping the tip...

These nail wraps were provided to me for review by Nail Polish Canada. They stock a full selection of NCLA Nail Wraps, so be sure to check out all the other fun and beautiful patterns!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)

** Product was provided to me for review by the manufacturer or their PR. **
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  1. Those look awesome!
    Check out my blog and enter my giveaway while you're there :)

  2. I love this on you! I can't wait to use my set of these! :)

  3. These wraps look really great! :-)

  4. These are definitely pretty, but I had the same problem with damage that you did, and it turned me off wraps for good.

  5. wow! they look amazing - if only sponged galaxy nails could look so good! too bad about your nails though, I've never tried wraps of foils, but I'll be careful when I do.

  6. I got this set too, and it looks like you did a great job applying these. It drove me crazy (like it did you) to see the exposed white at my tip. I hate that look! Oh well!

  7. Thanks everyone! The wraps are gorgeous and so easy to get the galaxy look.

    I have found that gently pushing them off for removal is better than pulling to avoid damange.

    @Natalia, I kept them on for about a day so I can't say how long they could last. If you pick at them, then not very long, but if you can leave them alone I think they would last quite a while...


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