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Inspired by Fashion Nail Art Contest - Time to Vote!

Voting is now closed! Winners will be announced soon!

I have been anxiously waiting for the day that I finally get to show you all the beautiful manicures submitted into the Inspired by Fashion Nail Art Contest. The challenge was to create a manicure inspired by fashion and these ladies met that challenge with full force! I have been inspired with each entry to start dreaming up my next fashion inspired look and I know you will be too!

I'm excited and honored that so many joined the contest, so without further ado, here are all the gorgeous entries (in the order that they were submitted)...

Charlotte (USA)

I love edgy fashion and knew this concept by Altuzarra would create some very cool nails!

Saima (Scotland)

Here is my first entry to a contest, 
I do so hope you judge it the best, 
I'm oft inspired by all I see, 
In clothes, in nature, the deep blue sea, 
My monochrome mani is from a carpet red, 
From frocks worn by two ladies drop dead, 
Their glamour was something to behold, 
I hope my mani is similarly extolled.

Loz (Australia)

Miley Cyrus Oscars dress, I think she made some worst dressed lists, but I kinda think it's pretty!

Marta (Canada)

While I collect nail polish and costume jewelry, I'm quite the plain-Jane when it comes to purses. I only own two... So when this great Fashion-Inspired contest started I thought "why not wear a purse-inspired look ON my nails ;)"

Maria (Romania)

I really love glittered dresses and this one made me want to dress my nails in it, too :)

Yarden (Israel)

I searched for a while until I saw this dress and I just had the design in my mind.

Diana (The Netherlands)

It was actually my boyfriend who really liked this dress and said I should use this one :)
The gradient effect was the main reason for me and I don't do a animal print often so it was a great way to do that again too.

Yulia (Russia)

I went through spring 2013 trends and was glad to learn that seafoam/mint green is going to be fashionable :) For my nails, I drew inspiration from the striped skirt the second from the right model is wearing.

Natalie (Israel)

I just liked the simple yet modern and sophisticated look of the dress and I think that this designs supports it

Tina (USA)

The inspiration for this came from my beautiful new Vera Wang purse (found at Kohls). I am in love with this purse, so just had to recreate it on my nails!

Amanda (USA)

The dress is by Alexa Adams and Flora Gill and was on the Ohne Titel RTW fall 2012 runway. I especially liked the rich colors and they way they mingled. I feel it is simple, but interesting to look at.

Mary Helen (USA)

I love stars. So Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2011 runway was one of my favorite things ever. I picked my four favorite runway looks and tried to recreate them with a variety of techniques on my nails.

Hannah (USA)

Fashion is about expression, and I've always loved colors and patterns (something I love about nail art, too!). I was inspired by this dress from 1922 - I love the ombre, luxe fabric and the beautiful gold detailing. I knew right away when I saw this dress that it would make a gorgeous manicure!

Jackie (Canada)

As you'll see through my nail art inspiration, I'm going through a Victoria Secret obsession at the moment. I know weird right? But ever since the VS fashion show, I've just been really into the idea of strong beautiful independent women.

Stephanie (Canada)

These Victoria Beckham inspired nails were done freehand with my medium length striping brush.

Lydia (USA)

My Entry is based of the LWren Scott Ready To Wear Spring dress in black, grey and white. My ring finger is the shoe and the rest of my nails are the dress.

Kaitlyn (USA)

Mani inspired by Loriblu. They're adorable & way too expensive for me to even consider, but I thought it would make a cute mani.

You've seen all the gorgeous manicures and the things that inspired them. Now comes the hard part of voting! Leave a comment below telling me who created your favorite fashion inspired look. You can vote by name or entry number.

To make it easier, here is a recap of all the manicures and entry numbers...

Voting ends December 20th and the winner will be announced December 21st!

Wishing lots of luck to all these tallented ladies!

Thanks for looking and voting!
Anutka :)


  1. It's so hard to choose!! I'm going with number 7!

  2. I vote for #13! :) They're all so great though--such gorgeous nail art.

  3. I think 9, but it was extremetly hard to choose!

  4. These are all so pretty .. I love #9 the most :)

  5. 15. All of these were great though!

  6. 9 Natalie from Israel! Graat job, perfect nails!

  7. Hard to chose but I love number 7 Diana

  8. They're all gorgeous, but 4 gets my vote!

  9. Every creation is beautiful in it`s own way...but i vote for #4 :)

  10. Number 7!!! then quickly followed by number 9.

  11. Wow, there are some really great representations here!! My vote is for Marta's purse mani (#4)!

  12. wow great competition :)
    its hard to decide between 7 and 9 - both girls did a wonderful job!
    I'll say 7, but only coz I like the inspiration dress #7 a bit more :)

  13. All of them are beautiful :-) I vote for the creation number 7 :-)

  14. Wow I so love all the entries <3

    Can you also voted when you entered this contest? Of course will not vote on my own entry lol, but just checking if I can vote?

  15. Thanks everyone who voted so far! Keep the votes coming :)

    @Dinana, you may certainly vote either for yourself or another entry!

  16. Sooooooooo hard ! But i vote for 4

  17. I'd like to vote for Number Five (5).

    Good luck to all!

  18. Entry #4 gets my vote <3 (Although #s 7 and 9 were amazing as well...I am loving the patterns integrated into gradients nowadays)

  19. Not that it's counting for much but I'm gonna go ahead & vote for my own lol.. Yeah I know, it's a no-no..


  20. Can I pick two? I can't choose between #7 and #9?

  21. Very talented ladies...And I vote for #4

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I don't like voting for myself ;) So I'll give my vote to number 9 Natalie <3

  24. It was a hard choice, but I'm voting 15. I think it translated into a very wearable mani and I am so impressed when people freehand because I so can't.

  25. Nine!!!! 9 !!!!! The best

  26. #7 - Diana is soooooo talented!! :)

  27. Oh goodness...It is a good thing I am not a judge, cuz this is hard! So many entries are awesome in both nail design and complementing the dress or fashion just pick one is I am going to go with the blogger from whom I happened to read about this contest first, as she is in my top 5 choices... Number 2. Phew.

    1. Thank you! I came to check if I'd had any votes!

  28. Such a hard decision, but my vote goes to #9!

  29. #4 Marta! Love how she used a fashion inspiration that combined so many different patterns for one cohesive look!

  30. There were a couple I really liked but I'll say... 7!

  31. number 8. there are great submissions here. Very creative.

  32. #4 but they are all very talented girls!!!

  33. #9 (although #10 & #11 are also so pretty!).

  34. 9!!! nataly is the best!! i love thje work

  35. Number 4! But they are all great :)

  36. i can't choose one but my top 3 are 5, 7, and 15

  37. Parabéns pelo Blog! Lindas Nail Arts! ;)

  38. Definitely number 4, by Marta. This is fantastic!

  39. Thank you so much everyone for voting! This is really an overwhelming response!

    I will tally up the votes and announce winners soon!

  40. def 9!
    So amazing!

  41. Number 7, but wow, these are all awesome! :) x


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