Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missing Plate Mystery...

Today is Sunday Stamping and normally I would have a manicure to show you, but sadly I'm not in the mood. You see, I had the perfect idea in my head and it involved the plate BM-210. I can picture it now, a gold to orange to red gradient for the backdrop stamped with the leaf-like pattern from BM-210. It would have been perfect for the theme of "can't wait for fall." Sadly, it was not meant to be. The plate is nowhere to be found...

I last attempted to use it for a 4th of July manicure that didn't live up to my expectations. I changed my plan, but I'm sure the plate was hurt and decided to escape such shame. It must have fallen (or jumped) off the table and may have ended up in the trash. Maybe it escaped because it knew that I have no problem waiting for fall and I'm savoring every last bit of summer. Whatever the reason for the mysterious disappearance, I have been searching everywhere and cannot find the plate...The little monster is somewhere alone and probably scared without it's bundle...

I'm realize that most of you can't help, since 99.9% of you have not been to my house, but just in case it fell into the hands of some mean people trying to sell it, please keep an eye out for a lonely BM-210...

Until next time...
Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. lol, love this post! i have things that go walkies all the time!

  2. Lol!

    I think it was telling you it wasn't meant to be since we FINALLY have summer weather!

  3. @Debbie, do they ever come back? I'm still hoping mine will although I can't imagine where else it might be hiding!

    @Angie, I think you are right! I wasn't ready for fall and I'm not either! Keep the sunshine coming :)

    @Emma, thank you so much! I was hoping the plate would hear my plea and come back ;)

  4. Heehee love the milk carton! I discovered just yesterday that sells individual bundle monster plates but I think it might just be for the 300 series. Worth checking out?

  5. poor thing, hope this sad story will have a happy end after all ;-D

  6. OH NO!
    I got a "bonus" plate from this collection but unfortunately it's not this one. If it was I'd gladly give it to you! Hopefully it will find it's way back home. hugs. xx

  7. This might just be the most awesome blog post ever! Hilarious! I hope you find the wayward plate!

  8. My sympathies on your walk-a-bout nail plate. It's probably hanging out with my missing Cheeky #7 plate.

  9. @Julie, that's a great tip! Looks like they only sell from the 3rd series though. :(

    @nail crazy, thank you! I haven't given up hope yet that I'll find it! Fingers crossed!

    @Shannon-Lee, thanks so much sweetie. I'm glad my humor wasn't lost along with the plate. Hope it comes back :)

    @Inky Whiskers, Well then at least it is in good company. I hope they both come back soon :)

  10. Oh Anutka,
    This post made me giggle and then weep tears of sympathy. This very thing happened to me with a BM plate too. I paint/stamp other people's nails and was invited to paint nails for 18 ladies... when I got home, one of my plates was missing! I knew the ladies didn't take it... I also remembered using it... thankfully I bring the "trash" aka cotton balls, qtips, paper towel home with me after each gig... I had thrown it in the trash at home and had to dumpster dive... I DID find it in the trash rolled up in a paper towel!!!! ... could it have gotten stuck to another plate? :( I'm so sorry

  11. @Marta, I've gone through all my plates multiple time so I know it is not stuck. I also went dumpster diving into my bag of manicure waste and it is not in there. Since the last time I saw it was more than a month ago, it could have gone out with prev garbage days. So sad! I'm going to be rearranging my work station and if I still don't find it, I might email BM and see if they'll sell me just one :)

  12. That is the saddest story I have ever read!! Awww, scared with out it's bundle! :(

  13. @Kimberly, I didn't meant to make you sad! I'm hoping he'll come back some day. If nothing else, it taught me to take better care of my stamping plates... :)


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