Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Freehand Flowers

When I posted this manicure earlier this month, I received lots sweet comments along with a few requests for a tutorial. Before starting the tutorial, I must preface it by saying that I freehanded each flower using a tiny brush and it took much longer than it should have. Since then I realized there is a much easier way to get the same result, so this is how I would make this manicure if I were to do it again...

- Base color nail polish (I used Zoya Kendal)
- Acrylic paint (or nail polish) in white, lavender and purple. Alternatively you can use just white and purple and mix the two colors to get an intermediate.
- Accent color (acrylic paint or nail polish) - I used Sinful Colors Flower Girl which is a nail art polish.
- Brushes - one small accent brush and one larger to paint the white
- Dotting Tools in various sizes

Step 1:
- Apply base coat and desired number of coats of polish and allow to dry completely (this it two coats of Zoya Kendal)
- Using white acrylic paint (or nail polish) outline a curve covering slightly less than half the nail
- Fill in the area with white paint or polish.
NOTE:  I prefer acrylic paint for this step because it dries quickly.

Step 2:
- Using a medium size dotting tool and the darker color (purple) make 5 dots in a flower shape.
- Add a dot in the middle of the flower to fill in the shape.
- Using different size dotting tools add desired number of flowers.

Step 3:
- With a slightly smaller dotting tool, place a lavender or white dot on top of each existing purple dot in the flowers.
- There should be some purple showing along the edge of the new dot.
- Fill in the center of the flower using the lavender or white color.
- Repeat this for all the flowers.

Step 4:
- Using a small detail brush and the darker color, add a few lines from the "petals" to the center of the flower
- Add small curls and leaves using the detail brush

Step 5:
- Place a dot of accent color in the center of each flower
- Add a top coat to seal everything in and you are done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to know what you think of it!
Let me know if you try it!

Thanks for looking!
Anutka :)


  1. love it!:D i will try this design next time:D

  2. А я думала в прошлый раз, что каждый цветочек надо "обрисовывать" контуром )) а тут все совсем не так )

  3. Love this, the tutorial is so easy(well you make it look easy). Can't wait to try it. I am wearing similar shades at the moment, so will try a different combination. Thanks.

  4. Great tutorial :) I love this design, I think I will have to try it out! x

  5. My gosh, Anutka! You're SO good in freehand nailart!! W♥W!!

  6. This is such a great tutorial Anutka! I think I'm gona have to try it out :)

  7. great tutorial, I will definitely try this out! :)

  8. this is adorable! I'll have to try this out :)

  9. Wow, this is amazing. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. omg wow !! Thank you so much for this tutorial! :D You did a great job ;)

  11. I'm so glad you girls like the tutorial! I would love to see how yours turn out, so feel free to post a link here to show me :)

    @Antallex, original'ni manikur ya szdela nemnogo ne tak, no potom do menya doshlo chto mozhno bilo sdelat' legche s temzhe rezul'tatom, mozhet dazhe i luchshe :)

  12. Hii LOVE your amazing blog so I followed you.

    I made an attempt for this creation.. even though it didn't turn out as neat as yours ^_^ !

    I posted a link of your blog on my website and a picture of my own creation ! Hope you don't mind :)



  13. Just tried this today! Quite time consuming, but that's mostly because I used all polish and my base coat took forever to dry. Here's a link to my pics!


  14. Beautiful job! Thank you for sharing with me :D


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