Monday, April 25, 2011

NYC Nail Glossies 215

NYC Nail Glossies 215 is a nice off white with just a hint of pink. I did three coats + a top coat and it is still fairly sheer with a visible nail line. When the sun catches it at the right angle it also has a very pretty micro shimmer that just didn't want to be photographed. It must be my luck since whenever I put on a color like this, the sunshine dissapears. Maybe it is is one of those "as soon as I wash my car, it will rain" things... Or maybe it is just a living in the Pacific Northwest type of thing :)

I tried my best to catch the shimmer and this is my best shot :)
You can click on the photo to zoom in.

Brand: New York Color (N.Y.C)
Collection: Nail Glossies
Color Name/Number: 215

Thanks for looking!


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